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Brachytherapy After-Effects

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10 days after Brachytherapy (25 May 10), I started to have a near complete blockage fourtunately eased after some 20 minutes. Increased HARNAL to twice daily, plus anti-inflamatory medication (Brufen, Celebrex). My side-effects eased but in week 5 I'm still feeling urgency (8-12x daily) and can releive only 50-100cc a time. I have a BURNING sensation in my urethra and in my rectum and some occasional cramps and I'm feeling weaker and even nausea at times. Long sitting (>1 hr) is painful. Can anyone confirm similar side-effects and how do they develop in month 2 and 3. Do things get better after month 3? Thanks.

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Sorry you're experience some distasteful side effects. I completed another form of radiaton recently and haven't had anything like you are experiencing but was told similar symptoms might develop at about the same stage where you are at but that they resolve themselves fairly quickly.

I took ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and it worked fine. With seeds, the radiation continues to work from some time which causes the continual inflamation you are experiencing and the swollen prostate is likely squeezing the urethra causing the difficulties in urination.

One other thing you might try with respect to the burning is to start drinking a lot of cranberry juice. It has the ability to mitigate the acid in your fluids which is causing the burning sensations. Avoiding drinks with acid (sodas, coffee, etc.) might also help in alleviating the discomfort.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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Hi Kongo
Tx for ur reply n advice. Very much appreciated. Villa

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Yes, Villacapra, I'm suffering too. Got seeds on June 16th, and immediately had difficulty urinating. Could get few ccs during the day, but totally closed off at night and have had to catheterize. I did that for 22 consecutive nights. Around week 4, the burning and urgency really kicked in. I sit in an office all day, and I can't wait to get home, take a hydrocodone, and lie down.

I usually bicycle about 100 miles a week, but haven't riden a mile now in almost 3 weeks. Usually have to cath about 3 times a day, before I go to bed, about 4am, and once in the afternoon when I get tied up and can't get to the bathroom for a couple of hours.

I don't know when the burning is going to ease off or the urethra will open up. I am concerned about permanent scaring in the urethra, and cathing constantly can't be helping that heal.

Hopefully yours won't last as long as mine. Uro says I have a sensitive prostate that swells easily. No kidding? Sometimes I think a little incontinence would be welcome!

I'm pulling for you!

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