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Karen or anyone from endometruim adencocarcionma had cat scan last time not UPSC One

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Anyone can help me ?

How often you guys have CT scan even you don't have upsc type tumour.

You have endometruim adenco type.

In india, they do ultrasound

Thanks Kumar

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Hello Kumar:

I have endo adenocarcinoma. I started out with CT every six months, then it was once a year. If there is a change in something, then you will get one in three months. Since January of 2009, I have had three CT scans, three PET Scans, and an MRI. I will probably be back on the every six months since I recently had surgery. The surgery went well and all was negative. I hope this helps.


PS My initial diagnosis was in September of 2005!

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I had a CT scan 3 months after I completed treatment (March 2009). I have had no scans since. I do have an annual chest x-ray. I had a pelvic and pap smear every 3 months, and now have moved to every 4 months. No lab work as CA-125 was not a marker for me.

Will only have a scan if there are symptoms or concerns.

I had ultrasounds and a CT scan 6 months prior to my diagnosis and neither detected the cancer which had eroded through the uterus! So...can't say I have a lot of confidence in some of those tests!


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I was diagnosed last July and had my surgery in Aug. Then I had 4 brachy treatments in November 2009. Since Nov I have not had any PAPs or CAT-SCANS. I go to the ong/gyn in Aug. My stage was 1C, Grade 2. (Intermediate Endometrial Cancer)


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