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Heard the sweetest word this morning........

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Mom is in REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!!! She was dx 3/1 with a 5cm tumor on lung (SCLC), w/20 mets to brain...then 3/31 mets to spine!!

This is awesome news, and such a ray of HOPE!!!!! She is still in the hospital as she has been for a couple weeks due to weakness and high calcium. Calcium is no in check, trying to build up phosphates some and move her for physical rehab. We want her home badly, but she needs to be able to move around, so the plan is good!!!

Thanks so much!!

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Glenna M
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Elysia, this is wonderful news!!! I am sure your mom will be home in no time and you two can start to enjoy your lives again.

My best to you and your mom.

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So glad to hear that about your Mom.....that is definitely great news.

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That is a great thing to hear, and I wish your mom sontinued improvment. It is always great to hear someone is on the high side and it helps to build the spirits of others to know there is hope and that there are people out there getting better.
Hopefully now they can get a grip on the calcium and she can get home, that is always the place to be, hospitals are not really good places for rehabiing in to nosie and no privacy. Hopefully it will only be a matter of days before she gets to go home, and you all can start enjoying life again. Positive attitudes help foster positive atmospher and will help everyone in the long run get through it.

Our Prayers and Best wishes to Your Mom,You,Your Family and Everyone,
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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