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semi's i am getting tired

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good evening semi's,

i must say i am getting tired, i have had an infection since my last surgery 1/14/10.
it comes and i take meds and it goes away. that after a few days it comes back. i am going for a catscan on thursady to find out where it is coming from.
i guess i am getting a little tired, other than this and the everyday worries,job,money,family i am feeling ok.
hope all is well with my family here.
i read the forum everynite and pray for all of you.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I hope they can find the cause of the infection so they are able to effectively treat it for you. Keep your chin up!

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It is so nice to hear from you; I love your motto + often repeat it to myself. I am sorry you have had this pesky infection + hope they will get to the bottom of it + get rid of it. Take good care!

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I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so tired. I pray that they will get to the cause of the infection and what is making you so tired.
Hang in there!


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I feel so bad about your infection I hope you can get rid of it for good. No wonder you are tired. Best wishes to you and I hope it is really gone for good - soon!

Hugs and Healing,


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I know how bad infections can get, I sure hope they find something with the scan. I had lots of drains after my procedure last May and I was so happy when I had the last drain removed! It was a long journey, but it did finally end! Over 5 months is just too long!

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Nana b
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You may want to ask your doctor about using probiotics to aid in putting good bacteria back in your intestines. I am also a believer of the use of garlic for internal infections and honey for external. Hope you get better soon!


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What a pain. Have you look into hyperbaric oxygen chamber at all? I am not sure if they only use it for external type infections or all infections. So sorry you are going through this.

Thinking of you.


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I'm tired too -- (fighting, 7.5 years in). But it's you and other members of our priceless family that sustain me.

I'm praying for you and sending everything I've got for 'forward-movement' on your situation.

Please keep in touch


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I know your CT is today. Please tell us your results and keep in the news. I'm so sorry you're feeling so tired. Keep up the good fight and I hope you're feeling better soon and know what's causing this pesky infection.

Love and Hugs,


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I can understand you getting tired,I had infections,torn stitches,etc.I hope they find out what is causing your infections,just rest when you can,and don't give up.I'll be praying for you.

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