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anybody get a gigantic swollon neck way out past their chin from a needle biopsy on thy thyroid

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I had two needle different needle biopsies on my thyroid--one on the right side (seven yrs ago) and then one on the left side when a nodule appeared there. The first biopsy was normal looking--just a little trouble breathing as it was close to the windpipe.It was also benign.

But the second biopsy done in Feb, 2009 looked horrendous. The swelling in the neck was so severe--the neck extended way out beyone the face. Eventuallay it came down--but it was painful and horrendous looking. Very strange.

The reason I am writing this now altho the biopsy was done in Feb.is I had thyroid surgery for five hours in April. They could not remove the tumor--too close to the aorta, etc. The surgeon did a biopsy while he was operating and that biopsy came back benign.

I went for iodine treatment yesterday to shrink the left tumor.The head of nuclear medicine said my results were too confusing to proceed. He needed more information, discs of pet scans etc. perhaps a core biopsy since the biopsies conflicted on the left nodule--one malignant--the needle one--then four months later a big biopsy of the left side was benign.Also, when he examined the left side physically, he said it was the worst tumor he felt all year. Either I had inflammation--or it was the tumor.

My husband wants to email the dr and tell him how strange looking the Feb biopsy --the needle biopsy-- was. when it was done. My husband thinks maybe that needle biopsy in Feb. that came out malignant was wrong not the one in April that came out in April benign because of how strange and distorted the Feb needle biopsy is. I think my husband is just trying to grasp to hope and that I ould be bothering the doctor. I think I should mention it when I have the next appointment. Any opinion?

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Hi, I have had a similar thing happen to me. I went for needle biopsies, and was sent to one place where they did it and it was ok and then in the same week they had to repeat it, and withing seconds my neck swelled up like that.

It delayed my surgery, and then it was found it was cancer.

I feel you should tell the doctor, and you can ask for a second opinion. The doctor should give you a referral for a second opinion, it they don't want to do this, call your insurance company or the first doctor that started all the referrals and ask them to do the paperwork.

I hope this helps you.


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Thanks so much for answering me!!!! I never heard of this happening to anyone else--the big swollen neck that is. Several top doctors did look at the results of that needle biopsy in feb, '10 where my neck swelled up--all concluded it was malignant and that it was poorly differiated thyroid cancer.

I immediately ordered all the supplements in Susanne Somers book Knock Out and take them daily as I wanted to help myself get through the treatment. In April they tried to remove the cancerous tumor--and the surgeons could not get it out as it was too close to my aorta and other vital structures. They tried five hours. The surgeon said it looked like a stage 4 cancer and a very baD CANCER.

Well, then a strange thing happened when he took my stitches out, he was scratching his head. He said the biopsy from April came back benign!!!!! They couldn't understand why there was a difference in the two biopsies. They had pathologists at top hosspitals and several doctors look at the slides from both the needle biopsy in feb when my neck swelled and the biopsy was malignant--and the april biopsy which came back benign.

My cancer is aggressive I am told and I have neck and ear pain. I was just hoping that the swollen neck meant maybe the biopsy that was done in feb and came back malignant wasn't done right--and the huge neck indicated that.

But now i JUST HAD a pet scan and it shows the tumor is cancerous. So they are going to try iodine treatment and then if that doesn't shrink the tumor radiation for five days a week for six weeks and chemotherapy.

I don't know anyone else who has inoperable tyroid cancer. If you would care to share with me, I would be interested in knowing the type of cancer you have. If you want my private email, let me know.

Thanks so much for answering. It meant a lot!!! Good luck and God Bless...

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I went through two biopsies also. The first one didn't show conclusive and inspite of my pcp asking me to do so, I didn't want to go back for another. The doctor that did it, didn't numb me enough and I felt all the pain. My neck was so huge, I was embarrased to go out anywhere. I got sick some months later, and had to go to the ER. They admitted me for the same suspicions that my pcp had. That's when I found out that I had stage 4 papillary carcinoma. It had mestastisized into my lungs and lymph nodes. I had the surgery to remove my thyroid and lymph nodes; then the iodine treatments. But my lungs are not responding to the iodine. More nodules are growing from the cancer that spread. I recently had a lung biopsy to confirm this. A thoracic surgeon performed the biopsy. You should ask your doctors if a thoracic surgeon would be able to operate.

I'm about to start a cancer pill (nexavar) that is normally used for kidney cancer. My endo says this may help to shrink the nodules. But, it won't go away completely. I'm afraid of the side effects they have told me that I may experience. Please let me know if there's anyone who's ever used this? Good luck to you grateful. Feel free to write.

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