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no appitite, always feel full, nothing tastes good

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I had a lobectomy last year for NSCL then this year have brain mets done with WBR a month ago,started tracevea 2 weeks ago, should I be concerned of more mets with the symptoms, nothing tastes good I"m never hungry I feel full after a few bites and feel nauseous it feels like the food gets stuck right between my ribs thanks for helping (even if you can't help thank you ) Pat

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I'll tell you the same thing I said elsewhere :
Loss of appetite and nausea are two of the less common side effects of Tarceva, and WBR will make things taste weird, too. The food-sticking-in-the-chest feeling is the worst; it's painful and brings on severe nausea. Staying hydrated is important, you need to drink as much as you can during and between meals.


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