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Start Chemo Monday

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Yep, Monday it is. Had a PET this past Monday that apparently shows no activity except in the pleura. That is good news. Liver is still inactive according to report. I will start a two cycle regimen of chemo with Carbo/Taxol. This is the same as what Winnie got, except she also had 5FU, for her liver mets. Med/Onc says she would rather hold off on the 5FU to start with since combining more drugs means more side effects. It will be one 3-5 hour infusion Monday then another on July 19th. PET scan to monitor anticipated effectiveness in reducing the thickening and 3-4 more infusions. Side effects are pretty basic. Possible nausea, diarreah, fatigue, naropathy, mouth sores, etc. Definite side effect - HAIR LOSS!!!
Do any of you experience the phenomenon of your have behaving it's best after you have called and made a hair cut appointment, or just me??? Well my hair is looking the best it has looked in years just recently. Kinda cracks me up!!! Oh well...just hope my head isn't too bumpy and lumpy. All kidding aside, really focusing on positive thoughts and prayers that this chemo will do it's job. I have decided to intially do this without a port. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for all your support. It's great knowing you are all in my corner!
Love ya,

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Joanne - I am glad that the news you heard was good and will be thinking of you as you go through chemo pretty much the same time I start my chemo/rad. You and many others on this site are such an inspiration to me - keep me going when sometimes I feel like I just want to lay down and stop (and I have not even started yet!). I will come in here to see how you and others are doing as well as keeping my prayers and thoughts with you too. Be well, Marilyne

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of you too Marilyne. Let's do some virtual hand-holding and trudge through this together!!!
Wishing you the best. It won't be easy, but it's do-able!!!

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This is great news! I'm so glad your scan showed good results. You sound ready for Monday and prepared for any side effects. My hair--well, it has a mind of its own. If I have nowhere to go, it looks great, but when I have somewhere to go, it looks like I styled it with an egg beater or something! Gotta laugh at it--nothing else to do! Hope you do well without the port. Just don't wait too long to get one if you decide it would be better to have it. I will be thinking of you all weekend and especially on Monday. Please let us know how it goes when you get a chance. You'll be in my prayers.


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Hi Joanne,

Your Pet results sound good, of course with the exceptance of the pleura. I pray that you will have minimal side effects, preferably none at all, and that this tx will destroy the cancer. I know you will let us know how your doing, and I will have you in my thoughts and prayers for the destruction of the cancer cells. Lori

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Best of luck and success to you...


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Hi, Joann and Sissy-

Good luck to both of you with your treatments. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and trust you will feel well enough to visit here from time to time.


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Wishing you both the best as you start your treatments tomorrow. You will both be in my prayers and thoughts. You are both incredibly strong women and you will beat the beast!!!!


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Ditto from me Joanne and Marilyne! I know this is not something to look forward to, but the fact that you will be get better because of what you are going to go through will hopefully keep you strong and forging forward through the tough times.
Hoping and praying for minimal side effects and NED in the NEAR future!!!!
Thinking of you today.

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