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How long is recovery (I am at 6 months with no end in sight)

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Hello everyone,

I am a 48 year old female. I was feeling nausea and having dry heaves for several months before the docs decided to scope me. They suspected GERD but found nothing. They took two random biopsies. One of them showed a cancer cell. This was in December 2009. They recommended total gastrectomy because the likelihood of the cancer returning or being in other areas of the stomach were high and scoping and checking biopsies every three months might not catch the cancer before it spread further.

In January 2010, I had my entire stomach removed. Since then - no matter what anti nausea drugs I take - I am still nauseous 24 hours a day. I have great difficulty keeping even the smallest amount of solids/liquids down no matter how I try. I have lost 70 pounds in six months. My doctors have checked everything out and they say everything is functioning correctly. Gee thanks but that doesn't help.

I receive IV fluids weekly because dehydration has been an issue (hospitalized at least 6 times in last 5 months and numerous emergency room visits). They installed a PICC line (semi-permanent iv) because of collapsing/worn out veins. The surgeon is thinking about re-inserting a J-tube for feedings. I don't want this. I've been out on disability leave since January. I am tired (exhausted), no energy, and miserable.

I've read through the discussions on similar topics and have tried everything offered by other discussion posters. Does anyone have any new ideas? Has or is anyone else going through similar months after surgery.

Second question: my doctors got all the cancer without needing radiation or chemo - but in reading what others have experienced after dx, I wonder if my docs weren't to quick to remove the entire stomach? It was presented as only "cure" for my stomach cancer. Not that I can do anything about it now but just curious about what others think.


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I have experienced alot of the same as you with pain and weight loss. I had the surgery in 08 and still am in pain. Would love to talk more with you about what you have tried because nothing i have tried has seemed to work either.

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I have not had any pain for which I am grateful. But, as far as liquids and solids...I have had difficulties to say the least.

I take anti nausea meds all the time because of constant nausea. I can sip only the smallest amount of liquids otherwise I will vomit. Same with solids.

I've tried chewing ginger, etc.

Last few days, I have had severe cramping and diahrea following consuming some dairy products so I am taking dairy off my list of "safe foods" to eat.

Most days I am lucky to consume a total of 12oz of fluids and less than 500 calories total. V8 juice (low sodium) is tolerated so I feel like I am at least reaching some of my veggie requirements. What is funny (not so funny) is that my cholesterol is going up which confuses the docs. They have me starting a prescription Vit D this week as well as Vit C and a multivit. I know they are wanting to do a feeding tube soon if I can't get better nutrition soon. I know when my blood sugar gets off because I find myself gritting my teeth. Popcicles are tolerated some of the time but they don't provide any real nutrition.

I am not sure how/if I can help you but feel free to email me privately - katherinehoward@live.com If nothing else we can compare notes on what doesn't work.


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