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Sensitivity to prescription meds

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I am so proud of my husband he is reading thru the forum here:) He despises computers phones etc just who he is, but I told him seriously I thought reading here would help and it is.

Anyhow one of our biggest concerns and questions here is he doesn't do well with prescriptions meds to begin with. Hence using naturopathy for everything until now. Every NSAID he was on for knee surgeries he had major side affects too. Even now for the past few weeks the oxycodone he quit taking as one was knocking him out for hours, morphine when he went in this past weekend for abdominal pains was given 6mg and said it would relax and knock him out for a couple hours well that was at 2a.m. he didn't wake until 9...good side he needed to relax and sleep downside that was much longer than they expected and was becoming concerned.

Our concern reading thru all the threads on people not finishing treatment did you have sensitivity to meds to begin with?? Meaning prior to being diagnosed and going thru treatment.

He was a stage 2 near rupturing T3N0M0 (that is what we were told but now reading thru notes we see MX?? can someone please explain the x? thank you) No colostomy went in for emergency surgery after colonoscopy same day. We are going in for a 2nd opinion Monday in another town.

LOL oh and we had a good laugh about the semi colon club as a couple days after surgery he cracked a joke saying he was a semi colon:)

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I didn't complete chemo, tho in my case, the value was questionable right from the start. It was a "best guess" chemo, because appendix cancer is so rare. Thus with questionable value and severe side effects, I decided to stop. The drs had already stopped the Oxaliplatin; I couldn't deal with the 5FU any longer.

However, the drs stopped the Intraperitoneal Chemo, as my side effects were too extreme from that.

I have a history of sensitivity to meds (and adhesives.)

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If anything I was the opposite, I was taking 500mg Vicadent at work. When I got home from work, I would smoke medical marijauna,take an 800mg Ibuprofin and take more Vicadent. Plus I would smoke more before going to bed and then take Nortriptyline. Fortunately since my last two surgeries I only smoke every couple of days and take the Nortriptyline nightly before bed.
I hope you find a solution for your husband.


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Just wanted to say welcome to you and your husband. This is a good place to find some answers and lots of support.

It looks to me as if your husband's situation is very similar to mine. I was Stage 2, T3, N0, MX... emergency surgery. MX means spread of cancer has not been evaluated.


This is a good link to help you understand your pathology report.

I had my whole ascending colon removed and resected as well as removal of ovaries, tubes, & appendix.

Yes, I am 'sensitive' to drugs. Most of them send me to la-la land.


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