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Libido issues after Davinci??

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Anybody out there having libido issues pre/post Davinci

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If you are not having mental stress from the process or dealing with cancer, you are amazing, or you did not listen to the doctors.

It's not "DaVinci", it is surgery. They are cutting out that which many believe defines them in life.

Do I still appreciate a good-looking woman? yes. Does anything rise to salute? no. I hope that will change, but it could be many more months, and I understand that. (I am 34 weeks out).

The objective of radical surgery is to not die. The side effects are to be measured in that context.

All that being my non-professional, but equally cut upon, opinion -

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Well spoken if I may say so myself....under the circumstances quantity can be greatly appreciated over quality at this point and junction. The mental stress can be overwhelming at times depending on the root of the issue that is at hand.

I don't believe it defined me, but it sure helped guide my emotions,feelings and energy at times. Congrats on your 34 weeks, my 7th week is coming up. Need I mention I'm 3months newly married and the wifes 9 weeks pregnant another blessing in disquise. Lifes full of curves, folks, hills and mountains not to mention the valleys. Hopefully I'll get to drive and climb every one of them.

Your correct in your thinking, this was and still is all about living, so we've been given
a second chance I would assume we'll make the best of it. I sure as hell am going to try to.

Your opinion well taken and again, greatly appreciated 142.

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I can see why you are concerned about the ED thing when you are married now just 3 weeks. That's a pretty hairy story you have there finding your cancer prior to getting married. Be patient if I remember correctly you are quite young and that is definitely in your favor on the ED and continence side for a complete and full recovery. Use the medicine and if and when you can get a pump get one so you can force the flow of blood to your memeber as that is important to keep blood flow there while your nerves are going through their sometimes lenghty process of self repair after being ripped from the home that is no longer there now. I need to ask my surgeon where they plant them or if they just let them float amlessly in the prostate bed alowing them to reattach to whatever they can and feel like after the prostate is gone. Have faith and keep recovering.

Randy in Indy

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