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Need a little "been there" words!!

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Hey ALl

Had my first scan since my lung resection today. Nervous! But have many prayers and positive energies around me! Would SOOO like to hear I have a fresh start from this point....NO NED!!!

But hey....I've been very worried the last 2 days as I've been bleeding. Pretty much every time I go to the bathroom yesterday and today. It's been 12 months this July since I ended chemo/rad. Do any of you STILL experience this?? I'll see my onc on Friday for results, but am going to call him tomorrow if this doesn't stop. Have a little
itching/burning....really unnerving. I've had it before, but haven't now in sometime. I had a colonoscopy because of it in December, prior to my liver resection, and all seemed fine...and during my exams, they always say everything is fine, but then when you bleed....hard to think that EVERYTHING is OK!

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I really hear you on this one! I am 21 months post-tx and have bouts of bleeding from time to time. It really does a number on my confidence that this stuff is gone, since that's what got me here to begin with. However, as my radiation oncologist explained to me, it is quite common. The radiation causes the lining of the intestines, rectum and anal canal to thin, which causes the blood vessels to be nearer the surface. Therefore, anytime something passes by, the chance of bleeding is there, especially with bouts of hard stools/constipation. Mine comes and goes and usually is related to what I eat and how hard my BM's are. When this irritation happens, it would make sense that there would be some burning and itching. I know it's hard not to worry, so I won't tell you not to. Perhaps your onc will let you know what the scan showed over the phone so you won't have to wait until Friday. I will think positive thoughts for you and keep you in my prayers for good news. Please let us know.


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Thanks Martha!
It's what I needed to hear.....seems like after 2 years, that would NOT be the case anymore, that things should have healed in that amount of time. And I like you, went to the doctor initially because of bleeding. So I'm going to try to "store" your post in my mind to help shut out the worry :) :)!!!
THANKS so much for your response!!

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Hi Sue,

I'm only 10 months post tx and I occasionally have the same experience - it is very unnerving! I had spicy Mexican on Friday night (big mistake, but I love it) and had some irritation and slight bleeding.

Best of luck to you with your results!!


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Thanks Lisa!

Maybe I need to pay attention to my diet then?? I'm not sure I can relate anything to it...as far as eating a certain type of food, etc.....but I'll have to think about what I ate over the weekend :)!!


I'll post on Friday for sure :)!

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Keeping a food journal might be a good idea. After awhile, it may allow you to figure out trigger foods. Like Lisa, spicy foods can do a number on me, as well as anything high in acid. Alcohol--yep, that'll do it!


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Hi Sue,

I too have bleeding occasionally and I'm almost 1 year out of tx. It makes me nervous of course, but I know that if I am not gentle with myself, I irritate easily, so as my general surgeon told me, to just pat myself, I make every effort to be very gentle. I pray for good news for you with your scan results. Lori

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Hi, Sue and all,
I do occasionally bleed and I am now 27 months past tx. Each time I worry then it stops and at every doctor's visit I ask. I DO have a hemorrhoid which bleeds on occasion. And I worry because it was what I was told caused my problem before my diagnosis. However, it does usually stop in short order and my rad onc also explained about the damaged tissues we all now have.

I have not found it related to anything particular in my diet but my little, erratically maintained log has not typically included food notes. Typically it includes BM cycles. Bleeding is almost always related to either significant diahrrea or constipation which has been an approximately 3-4 week cycle despite regular fiber beverages (like Citrucel).

Despite all that, I feel pretty good and the cycles are a very minor part of my life at this time. Anxiety growing at testing time is a norm... and so I am now in a good space as testing just finished was A-okay- or rather, NED. Uterine check end of this month but I think that is going to be okay, too.

Hang in, minor, temporary bleeding is pretty typical, I think.


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I was able to sleep last night! I think I'm extra stressed with the scan this week. Since I have had, anal, lung, and mets now to liver, there are 3 areas that the C monster could possibly re occur in, then when you have issues in one of the areas....it really adds to the stress of it all!
I felt better after hearing from all of you!!!

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Hi Sue

I've been there, but will spare you the story - just saying Hi!

Did you find the post you were looking for, the title started out "June 29, 2009..."

Glad you are feeling better - bleeding always is unnerving, it seems.


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Morning Craig!

Great to hear from you. Hope you are having a great week!
I did......read it AGAIN....and loved it even more the 2nd time!!!!
Scan results Friday. Send a few of your positive energies my way K???

Hey I saw that you are having lung surgery again??? I had a 1/5 of my lung removed 12-31-08. Tell me more.

You can Facebook me if you want.....Sue Barnum. Not sure I know how the pm on the site works.

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I too have bright red bleeding from bladder, anal and vaginal from time to time and had my last radiation treatment last mid-september. I have wondered about it but my gynecologist doesn't seem concerned. I think it is tissue regeneration, but i have not been told so by an MD. When you think of all the tissue damage we have had it is not surprising.
My best to you.

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to let you know that I am thinking about you and your results today. I am praying that the scan comes back clear as a bell. You have been on the rocky road long enough, time for some smooth pavement!!!

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Hi there,

I am 4 years NED and I still occasionally get some bleeding. It usually is always food related for me. I love mexican food too much. ;)

Good luck with your tests !


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