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the catheter is out

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Okay.. so the catheter is out!

My husband is still pretty bruised and feeling a bit bloated but he's getting better. The doctor reaffirmed the surgery went well with minimum bleeding and cauterizing and minimal trauma to nerves.

The pathological report confirmed the cancer was contained within the prostate and only in 30% of the tissue. Both good things- reconfirming the biopsy. His Gleason score was still a 6 which is also good.

He'll go back in one month for another blood test to see where his PSA level registers-

That's about it for now. He's taking his time, drinking lots of water, resting and walking outside up and down the driveway. Hopefully, his summer will only continue to get better.

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Wishing you two the best as he continues to recover.


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That is GREAT news!

It sounds like the pathology report was the best it could be!



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Sounds like all good news! Thanks for the update. We'll be here if you have questions or need a vent.

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That should help him beat the ED recovery curve! Hopefully all continues as well as the surgery sounded! Keep us posted!

Randy in indy

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