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Gallbladder cancer

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Has anyone had Radiation therapy for resected gallbladder cancer and resected liver.I have had chemo. I am hesitating to do radiation therapy. any suggestions.

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Yes, there are lots of people who have had radiation therpy for this disease. Have you checked out the postings on Gallbladder Cancer Stage 4? I myself did not as my liver was already compromised. Check out this discussion forum everyone has differnt stages of this disease even though it it originally posted as Stage 4. There are quite a few of us that post there. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this disease but you are not alone. We are there to help each other as best we can. Take Care and don't lose your Hope or Faith.

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Hello Waki. Many of us, including me, have had radiation as part of our therapy, following up the initial gallbladder surgery and/or the liver resection and lymph node dissection. After I healed from my liver resection, maybe 5 weeks or so, I began radiation 5 days a week for about 6 weeks, and at the same time I had oral chemo (Xeloda): they are supposed to act well together. i think radiation is a good idea, and I think most physicians familiar with GBC would recommend it, if they have a single targeted area to work with. The problem comes when there are multiple sites that are affected, then radiation might not be recommended, at least initially, until size and placement of any tumors is reduced, hopefully with chemo. If you have any questions about it, please ask. I had no problem with it.

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