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Post op pain

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6days out of davinci and still have pain in incision areas especially around naval. Docs office says this is quite normal. Was freaked out by bruising and swelling of penis and scrotum which again they say is normal and will resolve itself over time. Still need pain meeds 3-4 times a day. Am I wrong to thinks I would have felt better at this point? Don't want to get frustrated too soon. And I am so tired. Walking does fell ok so far. I know we all respond a little differently to this. Any thoughts?

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I had open surgery 14 weeks ago today and for sure pain around the incision but no bruising/swelling of the penis or scrotum…but I was advised this could happen and would be normal. I personally did not take any pain meds except 325mg Tylenol x2 12 hours after surgery but we all have different pain thresholds and I for one would be the first to say take your pain meds if needed….

From my experience walking and walking often is the best thing you can do and based on your timeframe you probably still have the cath in so I am sure that is causing additional “pain and stress”… My advice is walk, walk, walk and walk often (if doc say ok)…It was the best thing I did in the beginning and something you have control on…

The best to you and yes all sounds pretty normal as “normal” was explained to me for post surgery…

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I had my da Vinci surgery 8 days ago. I also still have some pain around the incisions, but have avoided the scotum swelling although my penis turned a very dark red (close to maroon or even plum colored) for the first several days. It kind of scared me but was normal.

My catheter came out yesterday morning and it is since then I have seen the biggest leap in recovery- in strength (no longer feel tired or fatigued), mobility and decrease of pain. I hope the same will be true for you too. I stopped pain meds today too.


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