Vantas implant for Lupron

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Has anyone used a Vantas implant instead of getting Lupron shots? My doctor says it's the exact same drug but is just delivered through an implant in the arm. I'm doing well with the shots and I'm not sure I want to change. Has anyone used it? Any issues?

Diagnosed July 2009
Gleason 8 and 9
PSA 5.96
Bone Scan and CT clear
Started Lupron August 2009
IGRT November 2009 - January 2010
PSA February 2010 0.11


  • tarhoosier
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    I was on Viadur, another 12 month implant which has now been discontinued in the US because of business reasons. I am familiar with Vantas because the local drug company rep came to my PCa group and discussed it.
    First, why change? If it produces the same result then what is the reason for the change? Why did he not start with Vantas? I suspect financial return to the doctor and his practice play a part in this equation. Unless you have mobility issues or live so far from care that returning quarterly is an obstacle then there is no reason you must change. If cost is an issue then triptorelin (Trelstar) is a newly generic version at much lower cost than the patent equivalents.
    The true problem with Viadur for me is that it did not maintain my T below 50, which is the limit of success, and still a bit higher than I would prefer. This was not apparent because my urologist did not check Testosterone. Only when I consulted an oncologist and he asked for T test did I discover this. I have used Zoladex injections from the same urologist since. They are quite successful.
    So: Why not originally Vantas? Why now? Does financial return play a part in the recommendation? Will you check T level occasionally with whatever choice is made?
    These answers will guide you to a decision, if your doctor is frank in answering them.
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    My husband has had the Vantas Implant placed each year for that past three years. He thinks it is a great way to recieve the hormone therapy. You have a quick office procedure to have it placed in your arm and that's it for a year! As far as the side effects he has hot flashes, joint pain, weight gain, and loss of muscle, which leaves him easily tired. Same kind of thing guys get from the shots. My husband is a Gleason 9, Stage T4,N1,Mx.