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abraxane and avastin results

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I've had three treatments which equals one full cycle. This past week was my week off. My Dr called today and my CEA fell by almost 50%. Hopefully it will continue to fall, I look forward to treatment on monday. The side effects are bearable and only last a couple of days. Who knows, maybe I'll be ready for some form of stereotactic radio surgery by my 37th birthday on Aug 1. That would be the best present ever.

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Good stuff, John

I've thought about your case and your age - you've really gone through it for a man so young. Your determination and will power are strong and will continue to get you through things.

I do hope things continue to go well and that your big 3-7 is a memorable one. I'll know you will stay strong and keep after it.

Your friend
"The Friggin' Train Wreck"

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Paula G.
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I love hearing this news. Glad you posted it! Keep us up to date. Wow 50% drop in CEA that is great. When will you have your next scan?
Keep the crap on the run! Hope you get your birthday present. Paula

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That is fantastic + after only 3 treatments! I hope you get your birthday wish. Thanks for the update with this great news!

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I'm so happy to hear this news John. I hope your CEA continues to go down.

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Hi John,

I read what kind of treatments you're doing with interest for myself, as well. After reading your post, I just googled abraxane clinical trials and found one that was a phase II clinical trial with abraxane and xeloda in Florida that was just completed for met. colorectal cancer. Are you in a clinical trial, or is your onc just giving you this on his/her own? Sorry if you've already said this & I've forgotten. It's hard for me to keep everyone's treatments straight. I printed out some info for myself in case the gemzar/xeloda/avastin combo that I've been on since mid March doesn't do it for me. My last scan mid May was stable, but my last CEA test showed it went up 20 points. I've had another cycle since then, so I'm hoping this next CEA will be better.
Having your CEA reduced by 50% is impressive! Let me know any specific info, as I want all the info I can get on hand for future treatments possibilities for myself.

Hope you have a great birthday this summer- wow- 37- didn't realize you were still in your 30's. This disease doesn't discriminate by age, does it. I turn 44 this July- was 41 at stage IV diagnosis.
Take care!!


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Wow,that is really good result after one full cycle.Keep going.Take care.

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I am not in a clinical trial. I think Abraxane has been fast tracked for all types of end stage solid tumors expressing SPARC. I know several folks with varying types of cancer who are now on it. I do know the Abraxis higher ups have been hanging around at the cancer center. I think we might be in some form of pilot program. I'm getting the Abraxane for free from Abraxis. I will continue to get it as long as it continues working. I have seen the Abraxane, Xeloda trial and if things start slowing down I'll definitely add it to my regimen. You should definitely go ahead and get checked for the SPARC expression. It'll probably take a few weeks. Then you'll be ready to switch if what your taking fails.

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Thanks for the reply and info John. I will discuss it w/ my onc at my next appt to keep on the back burner & about the possibility of getting checked for the SPARC expression. That's one I hadn't heard of.
I'm printing out your info about getting Abraxane from Abraxis, in case that might be needed for me in the future.

Keep strong!!


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Something I have never heard of and is working for you, thanks for letting us know there are more and more options out there.

Hopefully, things keep looking up and up for you.

Take care - Tina

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awesome stuff.
what have been the side effects? (any hair loss?) are they severe?

sounds very promising.
my prayers are with you!!!

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50% reduction so far is fantastic! I'm so glad you've found something that is working for you now.

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