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Hubby's ENT check in A-OK!

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Just wanted to let y'all know Charlie's ENT check-in went great! He scoped him and said all that was there was scar tissue! I am so relieved and so grateful. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. He said to check back in with him in 6 months and also gave him a prescription for Wellbutrin to try to help with the smoking. Charlie told him how the Chantix did us and he said that happens - some people just can't take it. Again, thanks for all the prayers - our God is such an awesome God! And as I tell Charlie and he certainly agrees I don't ever want us to become complacent about this awesome gift we have been given. There are so many people out there still fighting this disease and we have to keep on trying to beat this thing. We are just so fortunate to live where we do (Atlanta area) that we have the best of the best at our fingertips in medical care. Again, thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Congratulations. Great news and always wonderful to hear. Good luck to your husband with the smoking as well. If I can make a suggestion, there is a great help site out there for smokers called quitnet. It's at www.quitnet.com. It's a Boston University program that I used to quit a number of years ago. There are people there quitting cold turkey, using the patch, gum, wellbutin, Chantix and everything else that is used so he is sure to find plenty of support. Hope it helps.


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jan and charlie, CONGRATS!!!!!!! That is what we love to hear. Good news like that truly makes our day!! Now I will hope to hear good news on the smoking. I just quit again on 5/31 and I'm hoping I will never have another cig but I've also learned to never say "never". Good luck and best wishes.

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Hearing these reports makes me feel so much better.


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Glenna M
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Great news, I love reading about others who are doing so good. Now I wish you both good luck with quitting smoking. Believe me I know how hard it can be, I was a smoker for over 40 years and quitting was the toughest thing I ever had to do.

My best to both of you,

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Great report. And good luck with the smoking.


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thank you Glenna.
God Bless,

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I just love good news, God be with you both.

Kent Cass
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OH YEAH. Great to hear.



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Congratulation's to both of you on the wonderfull new's!

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