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Can I Introduce Myself?

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Hi. My name is Mick and I just came across this site. I completed treatment for cancer of the tonsil and neck one year ago. Things seem to be going well although my last scan indicated the possibility of a 4mm nodule on my lung. My Oncologist does not believe it is that but instead a temporary collapse of the lung which is common to the way you are on the table. There's a name for it but I don't have it in front of me. IN any case, the Radiologist suggests repeating the scan in 3 months so that is what I am doing. No complaints. Just information. Very happy with the treatment I received at MGH. It wasn't fun as you all know but at least it's over. Now, if I could just get a good night's sleep.

If you don't mind I plan on contributing some here. Also, if I can help with anything at all, I will be available.

THanks for reading.


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Glenna M
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Happy to hear that you are finished your treatment and doing well. We can certainly use another survivor to help encourage and inform others who are just starting their treatment. As you probably remember, being diagnosed is the scariest and most confusing time of anyone's life.

I was diagnosed a year ago this month with NSCLC in my left lung and then 2 weeks later (after I had a PET scan) they diagnosed me with SCC of the larynx. I joked with my family and friends that I always went overboard with everything I do. Humor helped me through a lot of tough times and I find it easier to crack jokes about myself rather than depress everyone constantly with bad news.

I am happy to say that I am 8 months post treatment and doing great. I've had two CT scans and both showed that I am in remission. My doctors told me from the start that my cancers were both inoperable and they couldn't cure me but were confident that I would go into remission and have many more years to enjoy my family and friends. So far they have lived up to their end of the bargain and I am very pleased with where I am now.

Again, welcome to the boards Mick.

My best to you - Glenna

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Hi GLenna and thanks for that great note. I am so happy to hear that you are in remission. It's a wonderful feeling. The worst time for me (beyond treatments) was the PET scans. I had two of them, one after the initial diagnosis and another after treatment. Waiting for the results of those was nothing short of torture.
Again, thanks for the response and if I can ever do anything for you, I am here.

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Mick, WELCOME! I'm sorry you need to be here but glad to have you. I will be praying that the next scan comes back clear. I know from experience that they can show a FALSE positive, mine did and scared the living he... out of me. So, please, try not to worry.
Glenna, I'm so glad you are in remission and I pray you stay that way forever.
You will both always be in my prayers along with everyone else here! Have a wonderful and blessed day!
God Bless,
Debbie :0)

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My partner was diagnosed with SCC of the left tonsil and is 2.5 weeks post supersized tonsilectomy and radical neck. He is building back strength and weight to go into a summer of chemo/rad.
I welcome anything you have to offer. Experiences shared here are very helpful to us new to the battle.
Sorry you have to be here at all; but happy you are here to help guide others.

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Hi Kim.

I wish I could be a bigger help to you however, I was fortunate to not have surgery of the tonsil other than a biopsy. Of course I did go through the Chemo/Rad and if I can help with that, I would be glad to talk to you. My treatment consisted of 9 weeks of Chemo followed by seven weeks of chemo once a week and Radiation 5 days per. Anything you want to know about that I could share willingly. Just keep in mind that your partner will need lots of support as will you. They don't lie when they say cancer affects the entire family.

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Welcome to CSN and glad to have you as part of the family

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Glad you are doing OK. And glad to have you on the site.


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I'm sure your that sharing your experience here will prove helpful to people just entering treatment, going through or coming out the other side.
For my part, I've found it very fulfilling to provide what little wisdom I've been able to pass on, and I've learned from this site, too.

--Jim in Delaware

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I am fairly new also. Everyone here is kind & supportive. I manage to check out the post's a couple of times a day as there is not much support for head & neck survivour's in my area. I was totally in the dark. Shell shocked I guess you could say. But at least here we can support each other. Calmed me down alot also when I was panicking! Thank God!

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This site is wonderful. My dad is in the middle of treatment for tongue cancer and we could not have managed without the help of everyone on this site.

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Puma and all, that is what makes us a family!!
God Bless,

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Hi Mick

You will find a lot of us have spots on our lungs. There are a variety of reasons why they occur. Cancer is only one of them. I'm past two scans now where there hasn't been any change in them. You will probably have to endure those scans for 2 years. I'm crossing my legs and fingers for both of us. If you find the name of the laying on the table thing i would be interested in researching it.


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Thanks for that warmest of welcomes all. It looks lke a great site and I am glad to be here. I would be honored to provide any support I possibly can.

Rick, thanks for the info on the spots on the lung. Lets me know I wasn't the first to have that happen. What the Radiologist and Oncologist think it is is dependent atelectasis. Plenty on google about that which I'm sure will give you a better understanding of it than I could.

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