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I just need to vent

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Just got home from chemo an hour ago DRoffice caled said my CEA went from 25 to 179, guess
the XLODIA isnt working either he set me up for CTscan tommorrow and I go back to see him Thurs I just seen him today not looking good right now I am really scared now keep me in your prayers I felt fine until now


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damned CEA, I am praying for you. This just sucks and I am sorry you got bad news today. Has your CEA been a good indicator for you? Hopefully the scan will show it out and you will know what to go after. Hang tough, Sheri

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Thanks for prayers , I will get tough I just have to get good and pissed and be ready for a fight,

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I am sorry you got this news, but hopefully the DR will have a good plan. I know its scarey, but try to stay strong and keep the faith!

Sending lots of prayers

God Bless

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Thanks for prayers,

I am just scared today, but I will get tough and fight at least
I will know on Thurs what he will do


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I am sorry to hear this. I am glad you are getting in for a CT scan quickly. I am thinking of you.

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It's a fairly well known fact that the CEA level can (and will) spike
during (and sometimes after) chemotherapy. It's due to the cancer
cells dying and releasing the CEA contained. A lot of cancer cells
dying at once can raise the level substantially!

"You oughta' not worry 'till the coronor gets there".
(John23 - 2010)

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Thanks for that post not to worry til coronor gets there also about your imput on ca rising could be a good thing gives me hope thanks again


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Paula G.
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Sheri, Sorry to hear this. My husbands CEA is creeping up too. Not huge jumps but has gone up. I hope your scan will show whats going on and they can change your Chemo if need be. It is so scarry. Please feel free to vent and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted. Paula

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jumping to conclusions as we all come to learn is just useless. this energy should be tapped only if and when a real fight needs to occur. sometimes during treatment CEA can rise and again sometimes this is a good sign the chemotherapy is working. let's all hope and pray this to be the case.


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Thanks for your posts I really needed to here what you all had to say gave me the boost I needed you have no idea Thanks again I love you all


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It is scary. When I got good news back on my scan I started to cry. My wife had a hard time understanding this since it was good news. I was scared about what I could hear. Its terrible but try to keep strong, keep fighting. You are not deafeted. My prayers for you.

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I'm hoping that your spike in CEA is caused by something else. My cancer in the pancreas turned out to be pancreatitis. So you just never know. Maybe you have something else going on that isn't cancer, but caused the spike - an infection somewhere or something else.

While I don't wish infection or anything bad on you, I'm hoping you do have something wrong that is NOT cancer! Hoping for a cancer-free scan for you.

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