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What the heck does this mean?

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I was reading my CT scan and came across this.... "Heart is enlarged and coronary artery calcifications are present". Am I on my way to a heart attack now? No one mentioned this to me so maybe it is no big deal but if any of you have seen this, can you let me know what it means.

I emailed my Dr's nurse but I thought I would ask you guys too!

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to say that I do not have an answer for your question, but I would definitely contact my primary care Dr to discuss with them as well as question your Onc Dr as well. My understanding of calcifications is something hard within the body. My brother used to get calcifucation deposits under his arm pits and sometimes in the back.

My #1 Rule while be treated was, If I did not understand report, metholodgy or something was just not right, I was on the the phone immediately or at my Dr's office.

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MY SCANS SAID THE SAME KIND OF THINGS.I asked the doctor and she said they were age related and even if extremely healthy people get scanned they are bound to find something.
She also told me if they saw anything they were concerned about they would mention it to me.She also told me to just not worry about things I read on report that she did not mention.calcifications on the heart are age related and most people after their 50's have some.If you ask your onc I am sure he/she will tell you the same thing.

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Did you get in touch with your Dr yet? Do I have it right that you are a runner? I would follow previous suggestions and call the primary dr and also ask your onc.

I think just finding out from the Dr would be best, because they can recommend any other test etc if necessary and they can also reassure you that everything is o.k.

Let us know

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I would definitely call my doc and ask. I don't like the assumption that if the onc didn't bring it up, don't worry about it. Back in 2005 my onc didn't bring up a mention on a scan about a growth roughly 7cm on my right ovary. This was back before I started reading my own scans multiple times. In 2006 I was in surgery to have a tumor the size of a soccer ball removed from my right ovary. It wasn't mentioned at 7cm because women who aren't in menopause have growths that change in size tremendously with their monthly cycle, so they ignore anything 7cm or less. Well, anything larger will be 7cm or less at one time in it's growth cycle! Needless to say I now read my scans, google any language I don't understand and ask my onc if I need clarification!

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A typo!!! So I have been researching how to prevent having a heart attack for 2 days!
Anyway, I am glad I researched. I feel better knowing that my heart is NOT enlarged.

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Wow, that's a relief!

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What they probably meant to say was, "she is such a wonderful person and has a large heart," or something to that effect.

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that person needs to find another line of work! Pretty major distress caused by a typo!

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What the &^%$#, how scary is that? But glad it was nothing.


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"I was reading my CT scan and came across this...."
"Heart is enlarged and coronary artery calcifications are present".

So.... You have a big heart, and love to drink milk. My Grandma was
like that, always giving kids cookies, making supper for the needy,
real big heart...... and man, could she drink milk!

I stopped reading my scans when I worried all weekend about
a big spot I noticed near my.... uhh... groin area, and finally found
out Tuesday afternoon that it was my belt buckle.

Stop reading your scans. You pay the doc to do that, so....


There. Now get better.

OH.... PS (that means: by the way..)

My scan report started with the statement that I had a colostomy.
I have an ileostomy - opposite side, different organ connection...
So I worried for three days, until I finally got word that the technician
was reprimanded and corrected -all- the mistakes.


I want to have the scans re-read by someone outside the system,
and keep getting denied due to Medicare not willing to pay..
The words: "I'll pay out of pocket" doesn't seem to help.

This is "life" as we get to know it. So ya'see, it doesn't make any
dif if you go western medicine or an alternative, if you have cancer,
you're going to be at the industry's peril one way or the udder.

Smile if it doesn't hurt.


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