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interesting Friday

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I had one of my stupid fainting episodes again- this is getting so annoying! It's all related to having to adjust my blood pressure medication because of going on Avastin again. I was volunteering at my 10 yr old daughter's school Friday for "Pioneer Day". I was working at the candle making station with another mom volunteer. All was fine and going well until approx 11 a.m., when I started to get incredibly thirsty and dizzy. I went and got water, sat outside in the fresh air awhile, but I kept getting dizzy and broke out into a cold sweat. I knew what was coming, then. Same thing that happened to me a while back in Wal Mart, when I passed out in line and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. I was fine shortly thereafter then and was fine again shortly thereafter Friday too. It really is embarrassing though & I did convince the EMT's that were called to the school not to take me to the hospital, that I'd be okay & that I'd get someone to drive me home. My EKG and blood sugar were normal- it was just my blood pressure that dropped too low- I think it was 90/60 when they took it, which was about 20 min after I fainted.
After my last incident, my blood pressure has gotten regulated & had been good until a couple of weeks ago when I went back on Avastin. The week after going back on it, the blood pressure started creeping up again, so my Atenolol was upped. I guess I'm just super sensitive to medication changes, cause it apparently dropped the blood pressure too low too quickly. I think I should just stay home following the week anytime my bp meds are adjusted! I've always had issues with fainting- even before cancer. The first time I fainted was at school when I was 12 & I ended up having my appendix out a few weeks later, so was probably related to my body system being messed up. A few years ago, I would faint every couple of months for almost a couple of years. The doctors could never figure out why and my blood pressure was normal back then.
It is kind of scary, though, because both times it's happened to me recently, there had been no warning at all- I felt perfectly fine and normal that morning.

Consequently, I will not be driving kids on the Sea World field trip for my daughter's class this Friday. I'm still going to go- I'll just be riding in the car of another mom I know. I guess I'm grateful that my issues aren't as serious as some people's here, but it is kind of unnerving- I'm worried about the "what if" if it ever happens while I'm driving. We have several windy narrow roads nearby that have nowhere to pull over. I'm a busy mom and there's no way I could give up driving, though- I'm far too independent.
I'll just work on regulating the blood pressure & not commiting to anything "iffy" for a week or so after meds are changed.

Here's to having a good week!


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Lisa that stinks....who needs it? It must make you feel vulnerable and quite nervous...

I am glad you will still be taking part in the school trip even if you are not driving.

Just another wee complication you could do without....

hugs Lis


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Sounds awful to have to be dealing with, on top of everything else. Sounds like you are very resilient and determined, though, still going on the trip, just passing on the driving responsibility to someone else; your daughter will always remember that! I hope your body adjusts quickly and you are back to normal soon!

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You typify the warrior that never gives up staying as normal as possible!

WHAT a great gal! I am honored to know you!

Hugs, Kathi

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People DID faint more back in the "old days". I'm sure that's not a whole lot of fun. I remember fainting the first day of school in the first grade. I went to catholic school and it was very hot in church. We did a lot of standing, kneeling, sitting, kneeling, standing, kneeling....my vision went down to a pinpoint then I hit the ground. Very odd feeling. I wonder why you've had that happen so much over your lifetime Lisa?

On a side note, I did "Colonial Days" at my son't school a few months ago. It was great. I had cornbread and butter duty. I cook all the time at home so I was happy to help out.

It's great that you are still going along for the class trip, I think it means a lot to kids to have their folks involved with them. At least up until the teenage years

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We cant take you anywhere. Stay on your feet, Okay?

Lov ya

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Sorry you had to go through that again, Lisa. I am really glad you are still going to the school trip.

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sorry to hear that you're having to deal with this again. You may already know these things and nevertheless, I'd check with your doctor. Some things to consider:
1. Keep your volume up with plenty of fluids; maybe Gatorade too (yuck, we all know what THAT reminds us of!)
2. If/when you feel it coming on again, sit immediately (One of the things I always worry about with fainting is the potential for brain injury.), then lie down if you can, with your feet up.
3. Consider wearing compression stockings.

This may or may not be helpful. Like I said, I'd check with your doctor.

What a good Mom you are!
In the Light,

Cheryl Z
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Hi Lisa,
I also had fainting spells come on due to drop in blood pressure. After many episodes I was sent for a tilt table test and was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope. Two years ago they implanted a pacemaker and now when my pressure drops below a certain number the pacemaker kicks in. I have had no fainting spells since.

I would ask the doctor if this could be a possibility with you. If it is the fix is quite simple.


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Interesting- I never heard of this before & doctors have never suggested any such thing to me, even though they know of my fainting history. Not surprising I guess, sadly- I've had to diagnose my own illnesses, it seems.

Anyhow, I just googled neurocardiogenic syncope & read lots about it. Most of the articles were saying they reserve putting a pacemaker in just for cases that can't be controlled by medicine. Funny, one of the medicines mentioned that is often used to control it is Atenolol, which I am already on. I had this problem long before ever taking that, though. I will definitely mention this to my onc and my primary care dr. I imagine it's my primary care dr. who would do the follow up on this. I haven't even called her office yet to report to her what happened to me Friday. I suppose I really should, especially after reading about this. Thanks for the info!


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Sorry this happened again. I'm so sorry this happened at school though. I hope the kids didn't see this. Probably would have scared them silly.

Fainting is a symptom of something. I hope they find out what it is.

Love and Hugs,


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Hi Lisa-
Can't imagine dealing with the fainting spells- especially during Pioneer Day! We have 'Colonial Day' at my kids school in 2nd grade and I also did candle making- hot fire, hot wax, tons of 8 years old- and I loved it! This year I just went for a short time- no volunteering- just hanging out with our middle child.
I can't imagine doing my mom stuff while fighting cancer. I am fighting cancer with ROger as a caregiver and I have scaled back my time at school activities! You are amazing.
I hope you can get some more info on your fainting.


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I'm glad you're okay, but it sounds like you need to get the doctor to work with you on your blood pressure.


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I'm glad you're okay, but it sounds like you need to get the doctor to work with you on your blood pressure.


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You are a true trooper. Glad you will still be going on trip but glad you aren't driving until you get meds straightened out. So sorry that you are having these problems. Hope you feel better soon.


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