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how do I find a caregiver?

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I live in Anderson, SC and am currently under clinical trial treatment for reaccurring metastasisis cervical cancer. I am struggling alone with my condition. I don't know how to obtain the help and support I am in such desprate need. No family or friends to help me. How and where can I find a caregiver to help me through this. Sometimes I am so affraid.Most times.I live alone, I live off of very littly SSI and SC Medicaid. I do not know how to find or even understand what or where to find what I need to survive. Or even to talk to. I want to fight, and am terrified of dying alone. Someone Please Help Me.

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I usually post on the colorectal board. I am my husband's caregiver, he has Stage IV colon cancer.

As far as finding some help, have you checked in with the cervical cancer board. They may be of some assistance although I do not know how active they are.

Also, zoom around he internet and find cervical cancer sites. I know with colorectal, there is the Colorectal Cancer Coalition which has a buddy program to help people through their cancer journey, they are set up in lots of areas. Also, the American Cancer Society, Gilda's Club may be of some assistance. They also offer support groups. If there is a Gilda's Club near you give them a call, you can look them up on the internet. Even if one is not near you, they still may be able to help. I have never been on it but I understand Yahoo has a lot of discussion boards and they may be able to give you more specific direction for the help you need.

Also, if the cervical cancer board is not very active on this board post this on the breast cancer board, they are very active, and although you do not have breast cancer, those ladies may be able to point you in the right direction. Just ask.

Take care - Tina

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I am sorry that you find yourself alone in this fight. I think you just have to reach out. Check with your local American Cancer Society, ask your oncologist, check with a local church. Who is supervising your clinical trial? Ask them if help is available to you. Come to this board when you need emotional support or just want to vent. There may also be a home health agency in your area. I wish you the best of luck. I can also tell you that my faith tells me that we never die alone. I hope you have some faith to help you through this difficult time. Fay

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Shirl
So sorry you are having such a hard time battling this cancer by yourself. But now that you have come here, you are no longer alone! And always remember that God is always with us. I agree that you need to check into what your hospital or cancer center has to offer. A home health nurse. Check with your local ACS. They are always very helpful. A local church, the church families are always willing and able to help those in need. You have made a huge step coming here, now continue reaching out to those in your area. Peace be with you. Keep us updated.
Tina (also)

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with your states department of health and human services as well and if your on SSI, check with the feds too.

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dear shirl check with the hospital social worker thats where i found help blessings denise

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Did you find the help you need(ed)? Please let us know. There may be a grant or program to provide assistance for you.

Sweet blessings.

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