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Too Soon?

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick question. I finished my rads April 9th. My ent has a pet scheduled for next week the 28th. Does this sound too soon, I mean is it at this point just gonna show a bunch of bad spots. What do you guys think?


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My first PET was schedule 3 months out. I had a CT about 30 days after my last radiation treatment. I believe it might be too soon also.
I cant tell you the protocol up here at U of Chicago, but the way it seems now they do more CTs, as I just had my second one today about 6 months out. The clinical study I was in might also have something to do with the type of scans etc. and frequencies. Best Wishes & Prayers Dave

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Both my surgeon and onco wanted the first follow-up after 3 months. It seems that is the protocol from reading the postings here. My results just came today and it was clear. Doctor said I had some "iregularities" which he explained was most likely from the surgery and radiation. Said it had a "darkening apperance. I did have a cat scan done about 2 months after the radation stopped. Came back with a result of "thickening". Results of scar tisse from surgery and rads. From reading posts on here some speak of false positives if it is done to soon.
God Bless

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Hi Steve,

I would say that it might be too soon as you might just light up falsely. If I remember correctly, I didn't get a Pet Scan until about 6 months out of the radiation. But, that is my Doctors. I suppose each Hospital and Doctor have their own procedures.

No matter what, I hope that your results are like I heard today from my Surgeon, NO CANCER. See you in one year.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

Kent Cass
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Yep: anything that shows can only be held as highly-suspect; and, the far-greater likelihood is a false-positive. Way I see it- PS so soon serves no purpose, other than padding the wallets of the C meds, and putting you thru a ringer w/radioactive isotopes. Wish I knew what I do now- and had nixed my first (little over 3-months after the last rad). Shoulda waited a minimum of 6-months. Of note: my first was 3-months, and my second was 9-months later- despite the fact that "something mighta shown" with the first PS!!! Just think about it, Steve, and do what you think is right by you and the Mrs. If nothing else, you can ask them if the 3-month is a reflection of their confidence in the quality of their work! Yep.


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Hey Steve. 12 weeks is what the surgeon told me, but our treatments are different.



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Pretty much the same consensus....I had a CT during to confirm that the tumor was gone, but the PET came a little early on me at about 2 months. My chemo doctor ordered it, but my ENT felt it was too soon because of the chances of a lot of false reads from residual. In my case everything was good and nothing suspect.

That was last Auguse and I finished up everything that June. I have had a few CT's since (all good), but not scheduled for my next PET until August.

Anyways, it may or may not look as good as it will more than likely further down the road.


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I am with the crew here Steve and think 3 mths at the earliest. The risk of false readings and the unnecessary exposure to what our Doctors say is 'harmless' doesn't gel with me. I had my first at 3 mths and am thinking to hold off my 2nd for another 12 mths now.

I might be worth to ask why so soon ?


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Yes it's too soon to determine if the cancer is gone. But? If your insurance isn't balking then you have nothing to lose but a few hours time. It can establish a baseline from this point forward which will be invaluable in comparison to future tests.

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If you remember we are on the same timeline. I'm 6 weeks post-treatment also. My team of doc's also scheduled me for my 1st CT next week. I knew from a friend that had similar treatment and he didn't get his til 3 months like a lot here posted. So I asked the lead doc why. He said that, yes the early CT shows false positives, but the doc's like it then because it gives them a baseline to work off of since most of the scarring from surgery is starting to heal. That's the story I got. It may be BS, but so far everything they've done for has turned out well, so I'm not questioning this first one.

Good luck!

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good luck to you both. I'm praying for great results for you!
God Bless,

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Even though Mark has not started his chemo/rad. (mid-June), following his surgical post op appointment yesterday his surgeon scheduled his PET for early October. If he does 7 weeks of chemo/rad. that PET will be at the 2 month mark.
As he moves through all the prep for radiaiton I will raise this question. Thanks!

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D Lewis
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Hi, Steve

Stanford asked me to schedule a follow-up appointment six weeks after completion of chemo/rads "with no scans done." That being said, I don't know yet if they intend to scan me when I get there, and/or what kind of scan it will be. I will know more later. I have enough voice back to call today to schedule the appointment.


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They have me scheduled to have a pet scan done one month after I just finished, I just finished yesterday. Both esophagus and neck are done, lost 52 pounds start to finish. Anyway I felt it was to soon, I really don't want to go back that soon.


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Brad, I will pray for good results from the scan. Good luck!
God Bless,

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Hey Brad,

It's good to hear from you. Been wondering how things are going with ya. I pray all is well.


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My husband is one month ahead of you... he has had a CT scan and two scopes since treatment has stopped...next CT scheduled for July.We askedthe ENT DR about PET scanand he said it was too soon unless CT show something...said the PET was too touchy and would show too many false positives.....I guess we would go with doing what your Dr says but not getting too concerned with positives...but extremely excited if it was good!!!

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