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Is it better to not work or work during chemo and radiation

hopeful girl 1
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Does everyone find it's best to rest and be home thru' chemo and radiation or to work?
Or to work at home part time if one's company will allow?

Always Hopeful
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Hi Hopeful Girl1,

I think the answer to your question depends on the type of work you do. I was told not to work during my chemo because of the chance of infection sinceI am a middle school teacher. Thankfully, I had accrued almost enough days to get me through to the end of this school year...I'm shy 5 days that I can "borrow". I'll worry about the 2010/2011 school year when it presents itself.

Peace and Hope, JJ

maggie_wilson's picture
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i actually did work one week out of three during chemo, but my work was sitting in a chair mostly listening to clients speak. (i do psychotherapy). i found it very grounding, got me out of myself, and made me happy. i found i actually was well enough the third week to work, and i only saw about 10 people during the week, so it was very doable. i recommend it if you're not exposed to a lot of people, and the work is pleasant and not too physically rigorous.


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I think it depends on how you react to the chemo, etc. I have a demanding job physical, driving, computer work, etc & I was able to work the whole time & drive myself to & from treatment yet I was lucky to not have been sick from the chemo & took treatments on thurs so the worse affect was being tired & then that came on sat.

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What a brave girl. God bless, June

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Hi Hopeful, why tire yourself more than necessary. If you can do part time go right ahead. You do need to rest, but keeping busy is also very good besides you have to be careful and not to be in crowds for fear you can catch a cold. I have a friend who had breast cancer and she went to work right after radiation. I had surgery and chemo and was never sick I was more stressed and shocked more than anything else. Just be smart and God will help you through this. Hugs June

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