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Abraxane and avastin

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I started Abraxane with avastin this week. I'm taking Abraxane because research shows that it works well on those of us who have the Sparc protein overexpression. I was expecting a larger kick in the nads from it, but it has been fairly tolerable. About 75% of what folfox was. I'm hoping for good things. I spoke with the rep for Abraxis, he says they are getting marvelous results for all cancers with the sparc overexpression. I have the maximum overexpression so I could be in for good news soon. I get abraxane every week for three weeks, and avastin every 2 weeks. We'll know by week four if it's working. I'm considering sneaking in some xeloda but I'll wait until week 4 for that.

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Good luck, John, with this new treatment. Please let us know how it goes.

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Wishing you the greatest success with your new regimen. I am curious as to why you want to "sneak in some Xeloda"...might be a dumb question but I'm trying to learn. ( I am on Xeloda and nothing else and I really have come to hate this Xeloda ) I feel much worse than I did on Folfox.

Anyway, got my fingers crossed for your success.


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I do remember you posting about some tests you had done that found your cancer to be very non-typical colon cancer. I wonder if that's true for all of us who seem to be having a hard time battling it with more traditional methods.

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I had my cancer genetically tested for all known genes, it was done by Caris Dx. I had the test in the summer of 09. By november they had half a dozen new genes that I needed to get checked for. It's been three weeks and I've now completed one cycle of abraxane. I feel very good. I'm sleeping through the night and am having good bowel movements. I go to the Dr on friday and expect my CEA to be way down. There have been many complete responses with abraxane and sparc patients. I think that would be great but I'll settle for a nice dip in CEA.

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