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Stage 4, with mets to liver,lung & bone

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Diagnosed with stage 4, 11/10 with mets to liver & lung. received 5 rounds of Carbo & Gemzar and a large tumor then found on my pelvic bone. Recently finished 3 weeks of radiation of my iliac bone. My fatigue seems to be worse now than ever. Not sure how long that will last.
Having repeat scans done & plan is probably going to start on weekly carbo & taxol. Anyone have any advice?

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sorry to hear about your cancer situation. I have not had radiation, so I don't know what that feels like. But I was wondering why you are not receiving cisplatin instead of carboplatin. Did your doctors say why? I know they started me on carbo and gemzar too, but they told me the preferred combination is sisplatin and gemzar. They are switching me to that this week.

My sister recomended a sublingual vitamin b complex with B12 to help with energy levels, and I feel that they have helped. Doc said they would not hurt. Are you having a lot of pain? They put me on a Fentanyl patch and that has really helped with the pain.

wish you all the best

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THanks for your reply. I'm not sure why they are using cisplatin vs carboplatin. I think they both are in the same family aren't they? Actually the chemo (5 rounds) were not bad. No nausea just a little fatigue. How many treatments have you received so far?

I'm not having a lot of pain Just an ache in lower back & right leg. It seems to be worse at night. I did get started on a long acting pain medication and it seems to be keeping the discomfort under control. I was told the radiation should help the back & leg pain and continues to work up to 4-6 weeks after it is complete so I am hoping.

Thanks for the vit b12 advice, anything to help the energy.

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