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My fiancee, age 43, almost a year ago was diagnosed with an "undifferentiated sarcoma/carcinoma" of the left thigh. At the time, small nodules were present on hish CT/PET scans which the MDs at the first hospital we went to said "not to worry about". We worried and decided to go to Pennsylvania Hospital to a Sarcoma expert Dr. Staddon. Thank the Lord. It turns out that the type of "sarcoma/carcinoma he has spreads to the lungs first. He had radiation first (through the first hospital) which we found out was not the "suggested" treatment. After 25 radiation treatments we switched to Dr. Staddon. Immediately he was started on Adriamycin and Ifex. He flew through 3 cycles of that like a champ. He was then referred to an Orthopaedic surgeon for removal of the 10 x 20cm tumor from his left thigh. After removal of that, a post-op infection/abscess, he is now going through more chemo for the metastasis to his lungs. This has been the most difficult time. Any suggestions of how to get through this emotionally? We have 4 kids between the two of us ranging in age from 8-16.

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