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Welcome to those who finally found this board. I am sorry we are here for the reason we are. I hope that talking to other lesbian and gay people will help you along the way.
Talking and getting feeling out of us are a very good thing and glad you finally found some support.
I had my MRI of arm with the two new lumps and will be having another one on Thursday of the head. The CT scan showed some grey area in the brain that they don't know what it was so having the MRI. I told them waiting for appointment is too long for results. Of coarse famous last words "The doctor will phone if there is news". 14 years ago the doctor couldn't be bothered to pick up my result and give them to me when he said he would.
I am happy that I finally got what I needed and thanks to my Cancer Doctors for that. She wasn't happy since I DO NOT Have Cancer and I am seeing her. What happened to them being their when I needed them , lol.
I am still doing ok health wise able to continue to work thought the arm is difficult. I hope they will know what to do with this big lump even if it isn't cancer. It continues to grow at a rapid rate so we will see what happens next.
Wow what a story about meeting your first love 28 years later. You hear of this happening in straight world but hadn't heard of this in gay world yet.
Being good to ourselves is all we can do,

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