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My husband has been able to receive only one chemo treatment this time, which was four weeks ago. Since then, his kidney count has been too high and was continuing to rise until he was hospitalized two days ago. They've also found a bacterial infection in his blood and urine. First priority is to find an antibiotic for this infection. He's been on two different antibiotics intravenously for two days, but he's still running a fever. The doctors are concerned. He has also had a persistent, severe headache as well as nausea/vomiting.

There was talk about placing perk (sp?) tubes into his kidneys, but I think we've pretty much decided against those (or any other type of surgery). If he's unable to receive chemo, it appears we're looking at strictly palliative care at this point. Still waiting to have a consult with his primary medical oncologist before making any further decisions. His body is tired, he's had too many surgeries, and I don't think it would be humane to put him through another one. Ultimately, the choice is his, and I sense that he's just too tired.

The oncologist's Fellow said that hospice would certainly not be inappropriate at this point.

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Tough decisions ahead for the both of you. Sounds like you really are taking into consideration what's best at this point, and some times that's the hardest thing to do. I pray you stay strong and that God wraps you in the comfort of His arms.

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To hear about your husband. I hope the oncologist can give you some good advice and that your husband is not in too much pain.

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Paula G.
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So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you both. Paula

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My heart goes out to you. I hope you find peace in the tough days ahead.

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I am sorry to hear this news. I am hoping things turn around for your husband + he is able to receive the chemo. You are both in my thoughts.

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for all the prayers and words of encouragement :)

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I am sad to hear of you and your husband's situation and hope his oncologist will have another plan. I can understand coming to a point when it is just too hard to go through much more. I really do wish the very best for your family.

Priscilla from San Antonio
Husband David stage 4, at MD Anderson recovering from lier resection

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I'm sorry to hear the news,I hope they find an antibiotic that works.I will pray that he gets better.

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I'm so sorry about this. I hope there is something that can be done about it. I'll pray for you both.


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