Proton Newsletter for LLU "Grads"

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This is how this month's letter from Robert Marckini begins to those who are on the "BOB" (LLU Graduates):

"Dear Members,
It is now almost 10 years since my proton treatment at Loma Linda. Last week I had my PSA checked and the number is in the same range it's been since it reached nadir seven years ago. Each time I receive the PSA results, it feels like I have been given a gift. In fact, I have. We have. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Dr. James Slater, so many of us are experiencing the same result: Our cancer is in remission, and the quality of our lives is excellent.

This year LLUMC is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of the proton treatment center. Celebrations begin with the Ken Venturi Proton Charity Golf tournament next month and will culminate with an event on October 24th in Loma Linda. I plan to be at both events, and I'm sure lots of our members will be there too.

I'm often asked, "Is proton treatment new? Is it good for the long term? How are men doing five or ten years after treatment?" Well, this month's Featured Member, Ed Solomon was treated more than 13 years ago. His PSA is holding at 0.1, and his quality of life is excellent. He is now a strong advocate for proton therapy."

The letter then gives a link to a PDF file with related topics. Very good stuff.

You can register and read the entire newsletter at: