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Six month checkup

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Just had my six month checkup post davinci. PSA is still zero, but before I get too giddy, my Uro told me about a guy that did his checkups for a year and then after all zeros, quit getting PSA tests. Then 8 years later he returned with bone cancer and died. Lesson - don't skip the checkups until your Dr releases you from them (typically 5 years). Early detection is still the key, even with the prostate removed and initial PSAs of zero.

No issues with incontenance or any other lasting side effects except one, and the only thing that works for me is injections (on the plus side, they're cheaper than the drugs). Nerve sparing was done, but there is no natural life at all. I've been taking L-Arginine suppliments which seem to have some minor effect but not much. Oh well, everything else is excellent so I'll deal with it and be very thankful.

Cheers, Jim

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Jim -

I just joined the forum today so you can read my initial post. Very cool that your PSA is where you want it to be.

They say that they believe they got all of mine as well - put me in the 95th percentile for that. Now dealing with the incontinence thing - wow - guess I didn't think it would be this bad. But I am "getting my mind right" now after a few days of senseless self pity.

Again - glad to hear that at least the PSAs are going right for you. I'll hold out hope the other to kick in soon!


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I have my one year coming up May 20th...then I think I get to go to every 6 months check ups....still having some dripping, some days worse than others....had some scar tissue issues.....makes the ol Johnson bend to the left...severely...but hey I am alive and outlook good...still less than 0.01 on the PSA....so I will make retirement, travel, and have the wife and Grandkids to enjoy...good luck to both of you..life after cancer looks good...

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I am very happy that you feel you are thankful in general…I believe that is a good place to be…Zero, Zero is my hero (as Luckyman2 says) …congrats on the excellent report… For me my URO says 3 months PSA tests and a low fat diet with a few vitamins and supplements (like green tea, pomegranate juice one serving soy daily and lots of fruits/vegs) but I had Seminal V invasion… So do what the URO tells you………..
No issues with incontinence with me either at 6 week and the penile injections give me 100% pre surgery erections (2-3x week since week 2) and I am taking 5mg Cialis and I am hoping to see some natural life as time ticks on…

You mention that you are taking L-Arginine supplements please make sure you read up on it and from what I read on this supplement you should not mix it with “Viagra/Cialis” type drugs…just a word to the wise… best to all

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