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Radiation scarring

hopeful in tally
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Another question I forgot to ask in my previous post ... I am told that radiation may scar my lung. Oncologist says this is normal and not dangerous ... but necessary to know for future lung xrays. Anyone familiar with this and can you advise? Also ... anyone else having good results with cucumin as previously posted? THANK YOU ... I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER HAVING FOUND THIS WEBSITE!

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I wasn't told that there would be any lung problems. I do have a fair bit of scaring of my skin from radiation but it is from the burns. The last time I saw my radiologist, he told me that even though I'd had bad burns to not worry about the radiation having done damage that might cause future problems. My PA also told me not to worry about it. As bad as they were, the burns were burns to skin.

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In my limited experience/studying the issue I believe the risk to internal tissue is present, but very slight. It is one of those things they have to tell you about, like all the possible side effects of taking antibiotics, or something. That's what the radiation technicians told me. I had very little trouble with radiation. From what I've read and the experience of survivors I have heard from, for the great majority of people there are no significant long lasting effects of radiation treatments. If you are concerned you might look it up on the ACS website, or ask another Dr.

Take care, seof

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You can ask to see exactly what parts of your body are receiving radiation. The techs or your radiation oncologist can go over it with you and tell you the exact percentage of heart or lung that will be hit. that knowledge should put your mind at rest. Generally, only a very small percent of your organs, if any, receive radiation. xoxoxox Lynn

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I worried about that too, but my rad onc said it was only the very top layer that MAY get radiated...i think the incidence of lung scarring or lung inflamation where you are getting radiation is about 1%. As others have said, don't hesitate to write your questions down and get all the answers that you need before you begin. Another point that may ease your mind is that you will be seen once a week during treatment...he/she will look at your skin and evaluate any other concerns you may have. At the beginning this may seem a bit unnecessary, but later on in treatment it really helped me to be able to clarify my concerns and just know that I had been evaluated.


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Hi hopeful in tally,

Yes, radiation may cause scarring in the lung. Mine did, where the rad onc did dose dense rads on lymph nodes at the top of the lung.

It took an x-ray, 2 CT scans and a PET scan to confirm that what the Drs. were seeing was, in fact, scarring and not a lung malignancy.

The scarring may or may not shrink or even completely disappear over time. Mine has gotten smaller.


Mama G
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I was told the same as some others who have replied. The are as careful as possible to NOT do any damage to either the lung or heart. HOWEVER, my skin is really burning (as in sunburned) and not even in the area of radiation! My shoulder and back are getting the brunt of it. They call this "scatter" and I don't like it! Anyone have any clue what to do about it?

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I had chest radiation 15 years ago without any scarring. now having it again, with the scatter over my chest area on the other side. I am worrying about my thyroid. I have mentioned it once and am going to again. My center takes weekly xrays and they say they are good as far a s placement goes etc...

hopeful in tally
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Yes ... I am in Tallahassee. Do you live in this area?

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71 year old vigorus male, 9+ years ago I learned I had Throat (Tonsillar) Cancer, stage III B, course of treatment Removal Operation, Chemo, Radiation, Came through like a champ. No One told me that Raditation would wreck havoc on my Thyroid, to take Iodine while receiving Radiation. 5+ years later, Thyroid damage, have to take Levothroxin the rest of my life for the damage done. No on told me about Radiation Scaring. 8+ years after treatment Radiation Scaring set in effecting all the soft tissue of my head and neck. The pain is "KILLER" I wouldn't wish this on anyone, even Obama,, Any Cures, Any Remedies Out there, HELP! 

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Maybe some physical therepy to keep that scar tissue loose. 

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I never heard of that..I"ll check back for an update


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