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chronic ear infection and hyperbaric?

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I am 1 year post rad for parotid cancer, and have had problems with an ear infection for the past 5 months (the ear was in the radiated field) Have taken countless antibiotics, which are becoming fairly ineffective. Also have a perforated ear drum which is not healing.
Just wondering if anyone thinks hyperbaric might be useful for the ear? Are there any negative side effects to hyperbaric?
I always get sore ears when flying, so am I insane to even be considering HBOT?
Also wondering if anyone has had a successful ear drum graft post RT?

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I too have problems with infections of just my left ear, I have been using Ciprodex ear drops for about 2 years now and it does not get any better. My ENT looks at the ear and says he can’t see anything or any infection so I ask him why does it hurt all the time then.

I have never heard of any negative side affect of HBOT treatment. I work for a very large Diving Company and some of our Divers are in Sat for up to 40 days at a time, other then just being a bubble head they do OK. If you find out anything I would appreciate you letting me know and I too will do the same.

Thanks Care

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I have a perforation in my left ear that will not heal- been there for about 6 years and am sure it was caused by my grommet falling out and the hole not healing, but may have been caused by infections that are constant. Went to ENT specialist to see about graft but he said that it would make my hearing very bad on that side cos the only reason why I have got a bit of hearing left in that side (as opposed to my right side that has no perforation but is totally deaf as it has secretions, nerve damage and tinnitus), is that the perforation is stopping all the thick secretions , (that are a common hazard after radiotherapy)from building up. So althoguh my left ear is frequently dripping or sloshing around, it at least has a clearish air passage.
you know somedays i feel like a wreck, and have to remind myself that I am lucky to be alive to make me think positive again.

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