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ZERO.ZERO ONE yahooooooooooooo Today

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Joined: Jan 2010

yep yahoooooooooo 0.01 I love it got my first PSA results today after 3 months wait ,from a georgeous young Female Indian Dr . She was so helpfull and very possitive finnally got the answers I wanted to here .She told me they had saved both nerve bundles and things will keep improving . ED issues starting to improve with medication.No incontinance issues. Life is looking good .Best wishes to you all thanks for some terrific support Shane59

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Joined: Nov 2009


Welcome to the zero club!!!! Congratulations on the test result.


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Posts: 174
Joined: Apr 2009

Always good to hear a success story.


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Joined: May 2009

Congrats to you and may you be in the 0 club for many years!


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Joined: Jul 2009

Well done mate, wish you many of them.
Indian ladies are gorgeous, my present GF and
my previous 3 have all been indian:)


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Joined: Mar 2009

Good for you....mine have all come back less than 0.01..have my first year check up next month....still think about it tho..

hopeful and opt...
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Joined: Apr 2009

Good to hear of your success..........I remember you well, when I first started posting.........I'm still doing active surveillance, and have an appt with my urologist this month........I'm thinking that I will be getting another biopsy.


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Joined: Mar 2009

Glad you are still here and doing good....I know sometimes I wish I had done it different...I have side effects that make erections very painful. I still hold out hope that , in the end, I can get a handle on the problems...

hopeful and opt...
Posts: 2327
Joined: Apr 2009

was in shock, and doing my life was impossible........now, I'm pretty much in the same situation, but my attitude is different..in fact during this year, I developed Spinal Stenosis, and I have been in chronic pain most of the time.......but,i'm simply going on with my life....I make a real effort to do things and be proactive..........just enjoying life as much as i can...my handle says it all Be hopeful and optimistic...look at the donut, not the hole.....that's what its all about.


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Shane, thanks for being part of the best part of this beast whipping club!

Randy in Indy

Posts: 69
Joined: Jan 2010

Congratulations Shane!


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Joined: Jun 2009

Congratulations to you. I am always glad to hear a good success story :)!! Hope you continue to stay in the Zero club.
I had PSA 22 before surgery March 2009 and praise God, my PSA in October 2009 was 0.008:)! I see my urologist Monday for 6 month checkup.

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