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~ Le huge Sigh ~

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Hello. I was diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia and Endometrial Carcinoma on March 25th. I am 34 years old, single no kids.

It all started because I had been bleeding everyday for a couple of months. I have had an issue for years but the doctor just put me on birth control. When I stopped taking it for other reasons I could go months without a period. I have never had a normal period since I was 12.

I started documenting how my periods were so that I could go back into the doctor and relayed how I was bleeding. My main concern was not being put back on birth control to cover up whatever the issue was. When I went to the doctor she again referred me to get an ultra sound (internal and external) again, and I was referred to an ob-gyn. Back in 2005 I went to the doctor, they put on the pill as I stated, I had an internal ultrasound and I was told that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. But I will be fine. I didn’t think anything about it. Another main issue that came from the first visit was that I was severely anemic. I had to get liquid Iron injects for 2-3 months every week.

Fast forward to March 2010, Tuesday I had the ultra sound, Thursday I saw the ob-gyn. Friday I was having surgery. I had a polyp the larger than the size of a golf ball in my Uterus. First time I have had any type of surgery. March 25th I have my follow up appointment and he comes in and says, “We don’t have good news. You have cancer but good thing it is curable.” I am calm and fine he tells me that I would more than likely have to have a Hysterectomy. I had since I was 16 I did not want kids but that was my choice. Now the choice is getting taken away and it has been a crazy month. I had to wait 6 days before getting into the Gynecologist Oncologist. He could really answer anything about what stage I am in, if the cancer spread. He put me on progesterone and I had a MRI earlier this week. So I was told I would not hear anything until late next week from those results.

But since I meet with the gyn-oc I have been through an array of emotions; one minute I am fine, next I am pissed, next I am crying, next I am angry. I have slowly been telling family and friends. I am a private person, but I guess the more I tell the more I try to get use to the fact that I have cancer and the option of having kids will not happen.

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I'm sorry you have to hear that word, CANCER. It's not an easy thing to hear and then try to get thru it all. I've been there and done that too.

Last year Feb 09 I had an ultrasound which found 2 small fibroid tumors. They sent them to biopsy and found them to be cancerous. OB suggested a total hysterectomy and would have my new oncologist in the surgery too. They took out all the girlie parts, as I call them, and 25 lymph nodes. Only cancer found was in 1 pelvic lymph node, which meant chemo and radiation. Today I'm cancer free after finishing my last treatments July '09.

It was a very long process and as I look back now I made it and alive. I don't know how your doc can tell if it has spread or what stage until surgery. Didn't you mention you'd be having a hysterectomy? If so that's how they found with me... it spread to lymph node and then what type of cancer and then he could do the staging. Didn't know if they can tell without opening you up.

I know it's tough to think, even if you didn't want kids, now that option will be taken away from you. Sad to think about it, but you must understand the best thing to do now is get thru your cancer diagnosis and stay alive.

I'm somewhat private about personal matters, but had to open up to my friends and family. They were oh so very supportive and took turns taking me to my chemo treatments, which made it fun!

Best to you and keep us posted on your progress, as we care!

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My oncologist scheduled me for a MRI after meeting with him. During the MRI I had an IV to see make my insides glow as the MRI tech told me. He stated this would help detect further issues. My I am supposed to get a call from the doctor this week for the test results. I definitely have my family and friends in my corner more than what I want right now, but I blessed to have each on there with me bugging me about how I am feeling today!!

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So sorry to hear of your diagnosis....we are here to help you and keep you grounded...

All your emotions are normal ones...let it out!

Keep us posted on your progress :)


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Very sorry to here this your story some what remines me of my own story im only 29 years old and i bleed for a long time my OBYGN says i have the polly overan thing to that is what caused my bleeding , i had to have a blood transusion due to the bleeding

and found out i was annemic and had to do iron pills

i had a D&C and march 22nd i ound out i had cancer april 16th is my sugery to have all removed

i no and understand the mixed feelings about it all i wanted kids and now cant

then the fear sets im your not alone at all in this seems u and me found out around the same time last month we had this cancer

just no im here for u we all are

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I am in a way glad to know the emotions that I am feeling are normal. I thought I was just going crazy. Your in my prayers for the up-coming surgery.

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So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am 49 and was diagnosed last June which is still considered young for endometrial cancer. Also, I have PCOS and have argued with doctors about my symptoms for years. The doctors did not have an answer until about 7 years ago but the damage was already done. However, I do have 2 children in their 20's and now realize how blessed I am to have 2 sons especially with the PCOS.

My prayers and thoughts will be with you. For me the waiting was the hardest. After my surgery, I was diagnosed as Stage 1C, Grade 2. Basically, the cancer was contained to the uterus and my cancer cells are intermediate in being agressive. No chemo was needed but I did have 4 brachy treatments (radiation). I'm now considered in NED (no evidence of disease)

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