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Driving while on LID and during RI treatments

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I am getting my first RI treatment. Went off meds on Wednesday, and went on LID on Wednesday as well. My first test shot is on 4/26. My questions is are you able to drive to this or not??? I also have jobs scheduled and I'm not sure whether to cancel them or not?? What did everyone do about working??? Can anyone tell me what to expect when hypo so that I can plan ahead??

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i am about 1-2 weeks behind you on my RI treatment first uptake.

i was specificaly told that they want me to drive alone for the 1st uptake the 2nd uptake (next day) and on may 5th/6th when they give me my treatment dose i definatly need to drive alone or if the dose is high enough i may be hospitalized for a day or 2.

the reason they want you to drive is so you are not in close proximity to anyone else for the first 2 or so days after your treatment dose. they expect that for (depending on dose) that for the next 3-7 days for you to try to stay 5 feet or so away from everyone as much as posible especialy kids (under 18) and elderly (over 65) as well as animals. so if posible you should cancle your apointments unless you can work at 5 foot away from people. you should talk to the people at nuclear medicine about this to make sure they tell you everything you shoud know..

i asked my tech "once I get the treatment dose on the 5th/6th are there any additional precautions I will need to make to ensure I don't expose others to unwanted radiation)" Via e-mail and got "The doctor and the health physics office will explain the restrictions you will have once you leave the hospital after the therapy dose. This is usually 1-2 nights sleeping alone, no food prep for 3-5 days and being out in public 3-5 days. This is also based on your dose." as an answer.

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For my test does I was told that I had to be away from people at least 3 feet away. Because I have a teen daughter and a lap dog, I isolated myself for 2 days. Was out yesterday, and getting my therapy dose today. Was told that I would have to be isolated in my room with my own bathroom for 7 days until my body scan on May 6'th. I am not driving myself, but was told by the radiation safety office that it takes 30 minutes for the radiation to be activated after taking it. I am not driving as I am really hypothyroid and I'm having some mild blurrd vision.

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