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Should family members and children be tested

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I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Cancer of the Thyroid at 49 years old. My brother had a benign nodule removed last year, and I was told by my PCP that thyroid nodules often run in families. Has anyone been told if their family members should be checked with an ultrasound (mine was pretty much found by accident...no symptoms, slight swelling, but not enought that even I noticed). Also should children be tested....if so at what age???

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At age 57, I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell in July, 2009; had thyroid removal in two surgeries, and RAI in Sept. My younger sister (age 53) was just diagnosed with Hurthle Cell and had thyroid removal a week and a half ago. The Hurthle cells showed up in the FNA and was confirmed by the pathology. We live in different parts of the country and her doctors have recommended that my other siblings schedule ultrasounds. As mine was, her nodule was detected at a routine checkup by her primary care physician.

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Hello All.

I am the youngest of 9 kids...To make is easier, we will name them 1 to 9 - with 9 being me.
That said, #3 was diagnosed with thy cancer about 10 years ago...she was about 42 when diagnosed...can't recall why it was found.

#2 was disgnosed about 5 yrs ago with thy cancer. Still none of the rest of us thought to get checked.

Then a year ago March, my nephew - #3's son was diagnosed with thy cancer. He was 34.

Around the same time, my nephew's paternal grandmother and father were both diagnosed with cancer (different kinds). I was stressed at the time and said something like "how do I know I don't have cancer?" to my Dr. She said, well we can send you for an ultrasound if you want...

Since I didn't make the comment seriously, I said ok...and put the req in my purse.

about 7 months later I found the req and thought...I should go since my Dr will give me crap if I don't.

When I went,they found 2 nodules that turned out to be cancer...and my story goes on.

Regarding the rest of the family, I urged everyone to get checked. I spoke to my pediatrician and had both my kids tested - they are 13 & 8 - both clear thankfully.

My endo suggested ultrasounds every 2 yrs for them from now on...it's not evasive and better know sooner than later.

The rest of my imediate family was tested. All of my sisters had nodules...some only 4mm, some 8mm. #4 had her total thy removed, and found out it was non-cancerous...the biopsy was inconclusive, as was mine.

The rest have decided to wait and see if they change.

Out of my brothers, (there are 3)...one has 3 6mm nodules, but is still waiting for changes since he can't get a biopsy due to the size. The other 2 are clear.

My nephews are starting to get tested...the brother to the nephew with thy can has nodules and is going for a biopsy...

Sorry for going on and on...lots of family members to discuss.
My suggestion to you all...get your family members checked, no matter their age.

My family is definatley containing a gene that carries this problem.

Take care & good luck.

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i will be calling my daughter's ped to have her checked. My son is adopted....so I guess I don't hav to worry about him......

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Best of luck...I hope it does not run in the family like mine...
take care.

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