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I need to put some weight back on

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I am a 49 year old female that had stage 4 stomach cancer. It had mets to my liver as well. I was diagnosed in June of 2009. I had 6 rounds of chemo and a total gastrectomy in December 2009. I am now considered to be cancer free.
I am still losing weight. I have lost over 60lbs but I look good. Thank goodness I had it to lose! My oncologist wants me to try to put some weight back on but I am so afraid of having "dumping" symptoms. I find myself staying away from sugary products.
Can anyone help guide me in the right direction? I know that everyone's body is different and it is a case of trial and error but I would love to get pointed in the right direction.
Any input would be appreciated.

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Try nutritional drink like Boost, Ensure if you can, even if just sipping a bottle a day would help. It does contain sugar but by sipping it a little each time may help reduce dumping symdrome.

Good to know u r cancer free now!

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Hi Mel,I am so glad to hear you are doing well,My son was diagnosed with linitus plastica last July at age 30.He also underwent total gastrectomy and 6 rounds of chemo which ended in Jan2010.In the last 3 months he has lost about 4-5lbs and is able to eat reasonably well.Ours is an Indian diet so it may not help you .He eats soaked dried grapes first thing in the morning followed by a bowl of muesli with milk to which I add 2tsf of powdered milk.Breakfast is a slice of wholewheat bread with an egg or an Indian wholegrain snack.Midmorning at work he has a cheese sandwich with mushroom,onions etc.He keeps a variety of nuts with him to munch frequently.Lunch he breaks into 2 parts-:vegetable,bread and some fruit pulp or slices and 2 hours later brown rice with yoghurt.He has a evening snack and dinner is brown rice with a vegetable,lentils and a slice of fish or chicken.Around midnight he has a dessert made with just a little sugar and a lot of nuts and fruit.I make all his food thick(not watery) so it is calorie dense.The temperature in our city in India is around 100F so he has to sip water continously even at work and often through the night.
I hope this helps.If it is too long-winded and boring you can tell me to shut up!
Lots of love and good wishes Nisha

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What wonderful ideas for caloric increase, and they all sound so appetizing. I will try some of these menu ideas for my mom - and the lentils in particular should be a good addition as she has some issues with constipation.

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my mom found sugary products caused "dumping" - Try adding mashed potatoe flakes to soups for some extra calories

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My mother had a total gastrectomy in November 2008. She saw a registered dietician who specializes in cancer patients (referred through her oncologist) to help her gain some weight back. One thing she told her was to use real butter on everything. There are lots of calorie-dense foods that aren't high in sugar--rich sauces, fattier cuts of meat, etc. But, she has started drinking real soda instead of diet soda and hasn't had any problems with it.

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