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ACS Email. Did anyone else receive it?

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I received an email from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.
It talked about an 8 yr old kid who had maxed out their lifetime health insurance. Now, with the new changes happening, she will still be able to have coverage.

I was just wondering if anyone else got the email from ACS.

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Sure didn't, but glad to hear that! I kind of wondered what happens if my insurance should run out on me, and was afraid, because I wouldn't be able to afford out of pocket expenses.


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I received it today. I'm a member of ACS CAN so I figured that's why I got it. Now I wonder if it had to do with signing the petition for health care reform. I had posted a link to it here.

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BC/BS of NC can't deny you coverage due to pre-existing conditions, but they sure do stick it to you in premiums! They just make it so expensive you can't afford to buy it! something people don't understand about "health reform"

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Kerry S
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But at what cost. I could not agree more with you Mary. When I planned our retirement years, I had no idea it would come to this. Our out of pocket medical expense now runs 56% of our cost of living. My wife has crohns disease and no one wants to take her. We have her in the state high risk pool. Her insurance tab is now $1,230 a month and we pay 20% of all cost. With her problems and mine our total medical tab averages 25K per year over the last 3 years. We have 2 more years until she is on Medicare.

As in anyone’s budget many things had to be dropped out to pay this tab. The sad part is it boils down to this. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always vote for you

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There is a lot of mis-information (what we used to call lies in the good old days) from BOTH sides about the Health Care Reform. Factcheck.org is a non-partisan group that tries to cut through the crap and just present the truth. It's worth the read IMO:

"Americans’ premiums will go up. Americans’ premiums will go down.
The battle over what happens to insurance premium costs under the bill was most pronounced during President Obama’s health care summit Feb. 25. Obama and Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee argued over whether premiums would increase (Alexander’s view) or decrease (Obama’s), compared with what premiums would do in the absence of legislation. The truth is that for most people, premiums wouldn’t change significantly.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that for those in the group market — those who get insurance through their employers — premiums would largely stay the same. The change in the average premium in the large group market would be between 0 percent and a 3 percent decrease, for instance, compared with where they’d be under current law in 2016. The average premiums for those who buy insurance on their own would go up, however, by 10 percent to 13 percent. The reason is that benefits would become a lot better for this market under the bill. Also, most people buying their own coverage would receive subsidies that make their net costs for these plans substantially lower than they otherwise would be."

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Didn't get that one but I did get one from my senator outlining new reforms and that was one point, you won't max out anymore.


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I have not Seen it Phil

But I'll keep looking in the mailbox.

Good to see you...that's one funky lid you got on...zing, one for Tex. You're still way ahead of me on those, I had to throw one in there - the easy ones twice, right?

Take care, buddy - good seeing you around here.


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A few years ago I worked as a consultant for a major company. It was during the Internet craze of the late 1990s early 2000. I was overpaid for what I did considering they'd pay maybe $15 an hour now for the same job (website maintenance). Anyway, being a consultant I was not covered with insurance but since they paid me so much I could afford it. This was 10 years ago but I remember that it was around $900 per month and that was an no frills HMO with Blue Cross. I agree, the cost of premiums are through the roof.

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Paula G.
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Didn't get it. The insurane thing is out of control for us. John works for a small company and we were paying $800 a month and his was my secondary. I am on a med advantage plan now because he is on cobra and I have been on SSDI because of the MS thing. That gap is going to kill us plus a lot of the insurance companies are dropping the med advantage plans. I have to have it because of my age.
I had to do a lot of reasearch to find a plan that would cover me. It costs a extra $200 a month.
I don't have the answers but sure hope things will be better. Paula

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