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Gemzar alone for UPSC recurrence

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My gyn-onc has decided Doxil not best agent for my recurrence of UPSC stage IV so is changing me to Gemzar as single agent. In researching this (I'm to start next week) Gemzar website indicates Gemzar in combo with Cisplatin for first course treatment for OVCA (UPSC treated essentially the same) and in combo with carboplatin for recurrence beyond 6 mos post prior platinum-based chemo for first treatment. However, my protocol will be Gemzar alone, weekly x 3 weeks and then one week off.

Has anyone been treated for recurrence with Gemzar alone?


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I think the strategy sometimes is to try a single agent chemo and see if it can bring your cancer under control by itself. If your CA-125 doesn't start dropping dramatically, they can always add the 2nd drug. I know that was the thinking when I started single-agent taxol for my recurrence. We could 'hold back' the platin for another time, or add it if the taxol wasn't doing the trick after a couple of rounds. For me, 10 weekly rounds of the single agent taxol was enough to push me back into remission. And tyically there are less side affects if you use just 1 drug. Why not try it and see if it is powerful enough to push your cancer back? That way can keep the other drug that might have been in that 'cocktail', as an added "arrow in your quiver", for later. If your CA125 doesn't drop after 2 or 3 rounds, start pushing for the extra poison! ((((hugs))))

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