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Staph infection in port

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I've never had chemo since I was Stage I, but I'm wondering if anyone has had a staph infection in their port. One of my colon cancer friends from church had a wedge resection of two spots on her lung in January. She has had a recurrence of two inoperable lung tumors, one wrapped around her airway. She was originally diagnosed in 2007 with liver mets. She had chemo after her colon resection and again after her liver resection. She had the first port removed after the second go round with chemo. Two weeks ago a port was inserted and she started chemo last Tuesday. She really hates chemo and didn't want to do chemo again, but as a single mom of 3 she felt she had no choice. Wednesday morning on her way to work she got a call to go to the hospital immediately because her blood work showed that she had a staph infection. She was hospitalized till Saturday afternoon on heavy-duty antibiotics. They sent her home after training her how to inject antibiotics every 8 hours for 10 days. She's been through hell! I wanted to see if anyone had had a staph infection from a port and any other info I could share with her.

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I did after my first chemo. They called it a blood infection and the entry was the port. I was in the hospital for 5 days and came home with heavy duty antibodics that I had to inject for 10 days via the port. During that time I had chemo #2, where I had the fanny pack for 48 hours- so had to have all kinds of switches for one way, then 2 way, closing off, opening up- would close off the chemo line, open up the antibodic line, inject, wait 20 mins, close off, reconnect and so forth until the next injection time. They had to be given every 8 hours with a 15 min window, so was getting up in the middle of the night and so forth. Biggest pain in the butt. But it took care of the problem- and then I got shots to boost my WBC so was able to fight off infection after that.

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but my former boss got it from her port.She never even had one infusion before staph hit her spine and she ended up in the hospital for several weeks. She was diabetic also which according to my Onc increased her chances of infection greatly.

Good luck to your friend.


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I had staph infection in 2008 right after my 6th treatment of Folfox+avastin. I stay in the hospital for 5 day. They put a PICC line in my army before sending me home. I use the PICC line to pump IV antibiotic every day. Home nurse will come to dress the PICC line every other day. I also use the PICC line for the 7th chemo. I then have the infected port remove and put in a new one on the other side.


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