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Post Chemo Depression?

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer last June, had a complete hysterectomy in July, and finished up my chemo treatment in November. I had a number of complications, all related to the surgery, the most recent being a hernia repair two weeks ago. Throughout my recovery and chemo treatments my spirits were remarkably good. I rarely felt discouraged and always focused on the positive. Since my hernia repair, however, I seem to have hit a wall; bouts of uncontrollable crying, fear of something going wrong, etc. It has thrown me for a loop. I have scheduled an appointment with a counselor who has experience working with cancer survivors but my question is this: have any of you ever experienced this sudden onset of depression? It has really frightened me. I feel as if I have lost my bearings.

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Hey =) I finished my chemo on New years Day ...i have become very depressed ..but i also have a million other things goin on in my life that are huge stress factors..all i can do is take it 1 hr at a time most days . Ive been on anti-depressants most of my life and actually took myself off of my last 1 a month before being diagnosed last Sept (09)..
i know its soooo hard and i hope you can find someway to deal with your lows ..im not really on here much .but i can offer you a ear and a shoulder ( so to speak)..my e-mail is tuesday.1964@yahoo.com..please get in touch if you need to vent ..i know how hard it is and wish somedays i had some1 to talk with =) Mitzi

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Oh my goodness YES,

This is almost expected; everyone is different of course, but one thing we all
seem to have in common other than cancer was DEPRESSION! LOL!

It's hard because of the fear, but you know what? It will get better. As I listen to myself tell you this, I remember not too long ago thinking, that my life was over. It was difficult for me to get out of bed and everything I heard, saw and did reminded me of cancer and fear.

And then; I got angry after that it was like..."okay so what ? You have cancer so are you going to live with cancer? or are you going to let cancer destroy your live?"

I decided to live. And you will too.

I'll keep you in my prayers,


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