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Tong Ren Therapy - anyone with knowledge??

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Has anyone heard of this??? Any info is appreciated.

I just read a book about it. It sounds VERY STRANGE however the author, a practitioner, is spot on in all he says about inflammation, info about PET scans, etc. that we have talked about here.

Essentially the theory is that health problems are caused by blockages. He talked of calcium deposits causing blockages.

Has anyone gotten a treatment or known anyone who has gotten one?? Rick Kuethe says that treatment can be done long distance - over the phone. It sounds almost too good to be true. I do believe in energy work, so it sounds plausible to me.

Mary Ann

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Mary Ann,

Just googled this and it seems like there are lots of training classes close to my area.
I will see if I can fit one in and report back. It does sound intruiging!


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Mary Ann, I have not heard about Tong Ren Therapy but did google is and I viewed a newscast showing the founders session. It does sound unusual, but fascinating and now I am tuned in to yet another option, thanks to you!

I know you have always been interested in some of the energy practices. I have been taking a class in Yoga/Energy and found it fascinating. Is there a particular practitioner you follow? My instructor is a follower of Donna Eden. Her book, Energy Medicine is highly recommended by my instructor. She suggested the 10th Anniversary edition as it has been updated considerably. She also has written one called Energy Medicine for Women but feels the first one offers more detail on the process. I googled Donna Eden and found a couple of "you tube" demo's of some of the key routines to do (she did them just like our instructor has been teaching us).

Last week I asked her what energy practices might help my neuropathy in the feet and she showed me a couple of things to try....I am will use at least daily and will see what happens. She also talks a lot about tracing the various meridians and the various spots to massage to enhance the immune system etc.

This was my first exposure to the world of energy for healing and I am finding it incredibly interesting. I am curious to know who you read re: energy healing.

Laurie, I will be interested to see if you find a session on Tong Ren to attend.


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I really do not follow anyone or have not read anything in particular besides the Tong Ren book by Rick Kuethe - loaned to me by a chorus member who met him.

I was introduced to REIKI years ago and took a training course - I've been level 1 for decades but fell away from using it until I got sick with cancer. One of my husband's co-workers, a hospice nurse, was a healing touch practitioner - level 4. She gave me a treatment immediately before my surgery and then offered to give me treatments during my chemo and use me as her "project" to help her get to level 5 - the highest level. Sooo...I was given weekly healing touch sessions. Plus she gave me sessions immediately before and after chemo. I still get "tune-ups" periodically. I added the Simonton theories to this (Another co-worker recommended Simonton because she used his work to help her heal from LIVER cancer 20 years ago!!!) And these concepts keep being reinforced by books like "Anticancer...".

I really think that the Simonton work (it's more than just meditation - you have to read the book to get the whole concept) and the energy work and western medicine has ALL done it's part to help me. ...and So far, so good.

So, Karen - if you have not yet read Getting Well Again, I HIGHLY recommend it to you and everyone. It has become my anchor in all this. I used to buy in bulk and give them away but not many people were really interested. Now I just tell people and figure they can get their own book - it's actually only one penny at Amazon plus shipping ($4) - pretty reasonable. If you are interested in the CDs I use - still use - send me your address via email and I will mail to you. daisyelder@comcast.net

It sounds like you are doing good with your routine of diet and positive thinking. Stay on this track.

Many blessings, Mary Ann

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Mary Ann,

Are you suggesting to purchase a book on this concept or get a CD? Of course I'm always interested in these off the wall ideas as you'd be surprised how some are really very good. Never really delved into the part of "energy flow", etc, but very interested.

My neighbor is into the YEN stuff and always poking fun at my flower pots on front porch which are very close to walking path to my front door. Should be further apart for good energy flow, she tells me...hum?

What are thoughts on Reiki? I've heard about it but not tried either. I've gotten as far as yoga and know it helps me feel much more centered and in fact, think it's helping my hip/back pains...yeah!

Thanks all...

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Sorry I did not explain clearly. The book I recommend that personally helped me so much is "Getting Well Again" by O. Carl Simonton - It has nothing to do with Tong Ren. The CDs I purchased to help me with guided imagery - I give away to anyone who wants them if they send me their address.

The Tong Ren book is called Tong Ren Therapy by Rick Kuethe.

Best wishes to you in your recovery. Mary Ann

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