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3rd time to fight this beast! advice/options/prayers wanted

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HI all. been a while since i posted, so breif history: (I am caregiver) My hubby was dx in 2004 stage 4 1 met to liver, colon resected and liver resected in 2004 with FOLFOX/Avastin in between surgeries... another surgery in 2005 for adhesions/bowel obstruction.. met returned to liver and was resected in july 2007 followed by FOLFIRI/avastin.. Now the bad part.. Hubby had a spot we always watched on hjis lungs which the onc. always said was probably nothing to worry about and might be a calcification.. someytimes it completely disappeared or would grow very minimally and then shrink.. so we just watched it and never really worried about it... last we had heard it was gone or very small.. so hubby had been going for reg. checkups all this time. cea has always been normal or lower (like0.4 - 1.5) sao not an idicator for him... he needed to rely on scans for predicting recurrance. anyway onc. fail to report to us last yr that a scan showed a bigger spot and 2 new spots in his lungs... Completely forgot to tell us!!!! Hubby went entire yr with no scans.. finally i insisted as he was having pain near his liver... wow! 10 or more lesions in both lungs.. dr has no explanation as to why he fail to mention the 3 lesions last yr. this is devastating as we completely trusted the onc. he had treated hubbys father as well for many many years until his death in 2007 (same cancer as hubby).so now 3 drs later all opinions are to do camptosar with erbitux which hubby is doing.. pet/ct on the 30th... wondering about survival with lung mets???? Options? why has noone suggested radiation, or ablation? they all say surgery not an option (too many) could they be too small?? (the drs seems stumped on hubbys terrible pain that brought us in for scans because they say the lesions are so small and dont usually cause pain) any new therapies out there? hubby already tiring of the chemo and may opt out after his scan no matter what the resukts cuz he just cant stand to be so sick.. i respect whatever he decides but worry his terrible pain which is better on chem will come back full force if he quits... uuuggghhh... i remember many of you from yrs ago and am glad to see you still around... any advice greatly appreciated .. Glad to see nanuk, scouty, 2bhealed! You are my inspiration and my hope! God Bless you all and thanks in advance!

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Gosh I am so sorry that onc didn't tell you about this and address this before it spread. I'm going to post a link to an article in another topic so everyone will see it so be sure to look at Japan Study Shows Good Reason for Hope.


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at this:http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Rolle_Axel_550578014.aspx.I think it could help you.

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I'm a third timer too. 2004, 2007, 2009. Sound familiar. I have no lung involvement but was put on Camptosar and Erbitux after radiation to my sacrum/rectum for a "local recurrence". They stopped the Camptosar because of a severe "dehydration reaction" (we all know what causes that, details NOT needed!). I've been doing well on Erbitux alone. Soft tissue tumours are gone, bone tumours going. If the Camptosar is making your husband sick, he may be able to handle the Erbitux alone. It does work well for some of us.

Hang in there... Rob; in Vancouver

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Hi Sally

Although different, I am too a 3x survivor. I was diagnosed with anal cancer in April 08, then saw an abnormal spot on my lung....watched it, and when it did change a bit, biopsied. Completely different cancer. Had 1/5 of my lung removed 12-31-08. No chemo....very small spot though. Then in December during a check up of my lung, they spotted something on my liver. Biopsy...anal cancer mets to liver. Had a liver resection 2-9-10.
I'm hoping three is a charm and the end to all this for awhile! I will hope and pray the same for you and yours. We can get through so much and still come back strong.....just takes a little longer each time:) Are you getting a second opinion???

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