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Stomach issues

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Hello everyone, I have a ? Has anyone had or have any stomach issues after chemo such as loud bowl noises,lactose intolarent or having tons of gas I will apreciate any input thanks again god bless

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What type of cancer and treatments? I've had pelvic radiation due to uterine cancer and finding lots of movement, but noises are possibly less than you're encountering. My radiation is known to upset the tummie and on top of that, had radical hysterectomy a year ago and that area is just plain sensitive. Nothing I can't live with either.

Hope you get some answers...

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I am a breast cancer survivor x3 and have had 28 rounds of chemo and lots of rads. I have a ton of stomach issues, I am now lactose intolerant, I get bladder infections like most folks get colds and I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I have been given lots of meds but it gets confusing as to which symptom the pain I have is for which problem that I have. It does get frustrating and sometime scary. I try to keep on top of it and I do tell my onco and have seen a gastrologist to ensure there is nothing else going on. Hope this helps.


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Afte chemo/radiation/chemo for uterine cancer, my abdomen is very uncomfortable: pressure, bloating, noises, bulges, some cramping. The everypresent nausea is a pain, also.

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My mom has liver cancer, and she's done with chemo because her body became immune to treatment, but yes, she has lots of stomach issues: gas, bloating, undefinable pressure, can't really eat, nausea. You'd have to talk with a doctor to find out what they'd recommend for a treatment for you, but my mom's on anti-nausea pills so she can eat without feeling like she needs to vomit after, stool softeners to make it easier for her to void, and takes a suppository every once and awhile because her pain and nausea meds make her constipated. "I have never in all my life", she says almost daily as she toots down the hallway clutching her stomach and apoligizes for something she can't control. She is less gas-y when she has regular bowel movements, but it's still a problem for her. Could it be your diet??
Prayers for you, and strength.

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