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Great news so far - Update -

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Hey everyone,
Great news all around.
The trip to NYC was great. Kim and I had a wonderful time walking around the city. The highlight was a stroll and a carriage ride through a snow covered Central Park. That type of touristy activity is usually not my kind of thing, but the warmth of Kim beside me, the rhythmic clip clop of the horse and the chatter of the children ice skating was peaceful and calming.

Actually the highlight of the trip was our visit with a most kind and wonderful Dr. at Sloan. After a very thorough physical exam Dr. Veach took lots of time to let us talk, answer our questions and give us his opinion. Unlike Wake Forest, Sloan does not do the type of surgery that I need because they don't believe that the uncertainty of the results justify the extensive surgery. However, Dr. Veach said that surgery followed by chemo would certainly be the most aggressive and appropriate course in my case. "If I were you at your age, I'd do it." What more could I ask from a 2nd opinion?

I meet again tomorrow with my surgeon to go over the results of recent tests and make a final decision about surgery. In the meantime, here's what I know.

Last Friday I had another colonoscopy. The one polyp that they found came back negative for cancer. The area of the rectal tumor showed significant improvement. Great news.

On Monday I had another MRI. Some of the liver mets which did not show up on the CT scan are visible on the MRI. That's not good, but it's not entirely bad. The real questions are how many mets? And where are they? My Oncologist did not want to put words in my surgeon's mouth, but he said nothing that leads us to believe that the MRI results will negate surgery. Great News.

On Tuesday I had another PET scan. The area of the rectal tumor is the only place that lights up at this point. Great News.

Basically my Oncologist is very pleased with my response to chemo. There is a 40 to 50 percent overall reduction. He characterized the cancer as "stunned." I prefer to characterize the cancer as getting the crap stomped out of it. I'm trying not to be too hopeful about what the surgeon will say tomorrow, but I can't help it. I believe that I'll walk out of the office tomorrow with a surgery date.

Cancer hates happiness. Be happy


Update: The surgeon wants to put my case back in front of the tumor board next Tuesday and meet with me afterwards. No indication of whether this is good or bad. I suspect he is being as thorough and prudent as possible. The waiting game is back on.

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Great news, Roger

Man, they've been "lightin' you up" but good with all of those scans. Here's hoping for your surgery date tomorrow...may the force be with you :)

Your buggy ride sounded marvelouos - a regular Hallmark moment.


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Pulling for you to get the news you want to hear tomorrow. Stay happy!


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Kerry S
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Remember you can not only beat the crap out of cancer cells you can water board the little bastards as well.


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Glad you enjoyed New York!

It sounds like a very worthwhile trip! Good luck with the treatment program.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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I'm glad you went to Sloan- sounds like they did a good job with carefully evaluating everything about your situation. Hope the surgery will be a go for you.
Keep us informed.


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I am very happy for your good news, Roger! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to NYC what a great city!

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Glad to hear NYC was a hit.

Hoping that you get the surgery date and all will lead to healthy and happy days ahead.


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Wow! That is fantastic. It certainly sounds like you had a fantastic second opinion followed by amazing results. I have followed your journey closely and could not be happier for you. I too would treat it aggressively. Enjoy the weekend you deserve it! Marie

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I am glad that you were both able to enjoy your time in NYC. It is a fantastic city to explore and I never get tired of being there.

What a fantastic response to chemotherapy! I hope you have good news from the surgeon and that you are able to move forward in your treatment.


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All our best to you, sounds like a great trip!
Will be thinking of you...

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All around this sounds like very positive news. I'm happy you and Kim were able to enjoy New York while there. Make sure you come back and tell us the game plan. It sounds so promising sure hope all works out well for you, Kim and the kids. Take care - Tina

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Glad to hear you've had a good trip so far. Let's hope the news continues to be promising!


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Hi Roger,

I think preseenting to the tumour board is a good thing - you will have the opinions of many smart, experienced people. I think this "team" approach is the way most of the large cancer centres are coming up with recommended courses of action. Best of luck!

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hear that the trip to NYC was so enjoyable. You deserved it. I hope that the tumor board comes up with a fantastic plan for your next phase of treatment.

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I love your motto.Stay happy.Good luck with everything.

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