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I have read on this website about using acupuncture treatment to help restore the saliva glands. I am now out of treatment (35 Rads) for just a little over three years and still suffer greatly from dry mouth. I have used quite a few products to help alleviate this problem with little or no avail. I have tried the drugs for dry mouth and have had reactions to both that I have taken. If it would help I certainly would try acupuncture if there would be any possibility it could restore or even partially restore my saliva glands. The only saliva I have is the thick ropy type. I have no idea where I can seek this treatment, how costly it is and how to get someone that knows the proper protocol to use. I live in a small town in western North Carolina just about a hour west of Charlotte, NC. Can anyone give me some more information.

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Hi Sport,`
I am 1 year out of treatment 35 rad 6 chemo. My onc gave me a study you can google at "accupunture for radiation induced xerostomia".Read up on the research and find an accupuncturist who is familiar with the treatment protocol or is willing to read the study and follow it. I had 12 weeks of accupunture . Things started to get better after 3 weeks. You must suck on a sugar free lozenge during treatment. I also had a lot of the problems you discribe.I take salagen 3x a day. I still must have my water at all times but I notice a BIG difference when I eat-I actually salivate a bit. Last night I awoke with a little drool !!Blue Cross/Anthem paid for the 12 sessions.Let me know if I can answer anything else and good luck. By the way,other mouth issues like taste and burning were also greatly helped with additional needle locations.

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Just like each of us reacts to our treatments differently, so is the case with accupunture for saliva. I was told that I had a 60-70% chance of it working for me after I met the Doctor that was going to do the treatments.

I tried the accupunture because of another base of tongue cancer survivior told me he tried it and had saliva after 2 treatments. I tried it last summer. I had 7 treatments and did not get any saliva at all. Luckily, my insurance paid for it. The rate that I was quoted at the time was. $125 for the first and second treatments. $75 for any following treatments.

You might have good results like fsdman and the cancer survivior that I know. You won't know until you try. I get some moisture when I chew gum. For some reason, Dentene "Artic Ice " seems to work best for me. I use the gum when I know that I might have to talk for a long period of time or a little chore around the house, etc. Otherwise, I carry a small bottle of water wherever I go.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Like Marine just said, our bodies are different so the affect of any treatment will react on some for the good and others not so good. Read and study as much as you can and find out if your insurance will pay for it and give it a try. For me I have been lucky using just herbs and have about 60% of my saliva back, it is not enough to eat with but I can go ½ hour with out the water bottle with me.

Take care

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