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remission of one cancer to start of another here i go again

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from cervical 2-10 remission to lung 3-10 god can i go through this again. im trying to stay positive. the worst, how will my kids cope? top it off my husband is in iraq for this one too.i feel like my body is going the oposite way of my mind.

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Be positive! I know it is very hard. Somedays I feel that I can't but if my husband is still fighting I need to keep fighting too with him. He has small cell lung cancer with metastasis in his liver, brain and lymph nodes and we like to think we are lucky to keep fighting. Because some people they don't have the opportunity to get treatment. Good luck in your next treatment.

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What Nubis said is so true, your frame of mind has a lot to do with your recovery. Stay positive and keep God close.

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I am very sorry that you have to go through this by yourself. How old are your kids? Try to be strong for them, your husband and yourself. And keep fighting. If you are feeling down or need a pick me up, post us. I will remember you and your family in my prayers.

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