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I’m back from Surgery and The Windy City..

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Had my RRP modified surgery performed by Dr. William Catalona up in Chicago on Wednesday, March 3 and flew back home to Atlanta Saturday, March 6. I was in surgery a little more than 4 hours, loss a tad more than a liter of blood (no transfusion)… Had morphine for about 12 hours then switched to 325mg of Tylenol x2 every 4-6 hours…The worse pain was the second day with the “gas” and I thought I would pass out but it passed (no pun invented)… Anyway, I stopped the morphine because it was doing nothing to really relive the pain for me ….

As I mentioned above my procedure was a “modified” RRP and that was because of my “bulge” in the right base mid…The doc took more tissue on the right than most surgeons do plus saved some of my nerves on the right and all on the left…. My doc was also very proud of how my bladder fell into “perfect place” when reconstructed and that my continence issues would be brief and minor…we will see… Monday, March 15 I will get the test results, my catheter removed (in theory) and know my next steps for recovery or further treatment...

I will hope for the best and deal with what is presented….Anyway, my next critical step here is to take my first BM (soon today I HOPE) so I can take my iron for the next 2 weeks…
Northwestern is a great hospital with a great staff and I would recommend them to anyone…Hey I flew from Atlanta and guys fly from around the world for Catalona to do his thing…

So my journey stated about 3 months ago and now my post surgery journey has started…. Like I say always hope for the best and deal with the reality of this Prostate beast….

For anyone starting this journey, do your homework, deal with the reality if your “grade” of cancer and seek out experienced and successfully doctors for this journey…get a few opinions and stick with your treatment decisions ….key here is your decision no one else’s..

Best to all and God Bless-BD

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Ah, yes, the cath! How well I remember THAT week.

If is good to hear from you BDH. And may you be blessed in the healing process.

Lots of us pullng for you here.

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Imagine my disappointment when I was told I had to endure another week of this because the cystogram showed a slight leak at the antosmosis. You endure and live through it though.

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Randy, You had the cath in an extra week! Ouch!

Ah, the memories from surgery week!

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So GLAD all is well and you are home safely. Will be rooting for you to get the cath out as planned and no issues. God bless, Maria (wife to Jesse age 51 newly diagnosed)

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you have been so honest and helpful to all..... you are an excellent resource for the newly diagnosed. best of luck.... and trust me luck has a lot to do with how you do.... jm

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Hey Doc… Yes one could say luck has everything to do with it and I assume you have seen far more than me with regards to why one person who should die lives and why someone that should have lived died…but I like to believe that we are predestinated….I also believe that G*d does not help fools either, so get tested and tested often…anyway, thanks for noticing my attempts to be honest as I belive this PC stuff is as real as it gets… best to all

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Glad to have you on the other side - now we'll all watch for your application for the Zero club.

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yes you get used to it my first week out of hostpital went to see Avatar everyone else had to go out for a pee.Not me sat and watched the movie thanks to The catheter . sounds like surgery went better then exspected so good to here .Things will be a blurr from now on it only gets better .Take care my friend keep up the walking ,all the best for your future {Shane59}

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Glad to hear you are doing well. Before you know it the cath will be gone. You won't believe how fast you will heal.

Best wishes.


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Glad to hear that you are doing well. Takes a couple of days to get used to the cath. Just don't make any sudden leg movements and if you have a dog try to keep him/her at bay. You don't want them jumping up on you while the cath is in.

Take Care,

hopeful and opt...
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...wishing you the best on your road to recovery...........Ira

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Let's race each other to become lifetime members of the "zero club!" I have a few days head start but I'll be watching for you over my shoulder. We can do this!

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I hope I become a member but might have some hurtles prior too….we will see what Monday brings….Your containment is a critical point you have passed.... I wish you the best and you are well on your way....

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