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Sarcoidosis and Melanoma

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Sarcoidosis is auto-immune disease, it is not cancer. It can affect any part of your body, mine is in my lungs. It was discovered during the time I was diagnosed with Stage lll melanoma, from a Pet Scan. Most people that have this, don't know it until they have testing for something else. Which was what happened to me. There were a few symptoms before that but I brushed it off. Since I have been on Interferon to treat the cancer, my Sarcoidosis has been more active, with abnormal pulmonary lung function, and some shortness of breath. Does anyone know more about this subject? My oncologist almost took me off of my Interferon, he thought that treatment was making me more systematic. But I insisted on staying on for the full 11 months of treatment.I'll take my chances, thank you very much! If anyone has these two diseases like me, or have some insight to this, I'd appreciate input. Thanks

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Hi pinklady.

I am a stage III melanoma patient. I underwent the year of interferon and later was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in the lung region. They told me that it may have been caused by the interferon. I now am limited to some treatment options as a result of the sarcoid and fear of the type of effect certain treatments could have on it.

I had a bout of severe joint pain a year or so back that I contribute to being from sarcoid, but other than that, I haven't had side effects. Every once in a while I get pain in the chest region and I often wonder if it is from the sarcoid.

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Thanks for you reply. I have been off my Interferon injections for about a month, because of a recurrance of regional melanoma and had to have another surgery. Now, two weeks after my last surgery, I find another lump(same area), I'm waiting on needle biopsy results. I am curious about your sarcodosis. Do think the Interferon made your sarcoidosis worse, my oncologist thought it did mine. I also have some joint pain(shoulder) since being on the Interferon. Crazy what that stuff does to your body, huh? Have you had any recurrance since being on the Interferon? I don't know if it worked for me at all, but I didn't get to take the whole dosage of 11 months. I'm trying to way my treatment options, in light of my new recurrances. I have been accepted at MD Anderson Cancer Clinic in Texas. Hopefully, they will be the answer. Bless you and I wish good health.

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I was diagnosed three months ago with Melanoma in the lymph nodes under my arm after going in for my regular check for a previous Thymoma cancer.   A PET scan and additional biopsies showed that I also have sarcoid in my chest and shoulder area.  After removing all the lymph nodes under my arm the plan is to use radiation to get any remaining cells in that area.  Immunotherapy seems to not be an option due to my sarcoid. I want to learn as much as I can from people who have a similar situation (i.e. sarcoid and cancer). Are you using Immunotherapy?

Thanks for the help.

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This one is 8 years old. 

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